A Sparse Note about Cliffs and Jumping Into the Unknown

Hello! This is just a quick note to state that I am not dead, and still intend to continue working on this site!

I am currently still in a phase of “Not where I want to be.” In fact, I am actually about to open a Word doc to write my resignation letter because I’m at the point where I am Very DoneTM with my fast food job, and am going to take a leap of faith into the dark. I am going to leave my job so I can focus on getting where I need to be and possibly trying some freelancing work.

I come home exhausted and never want to do anything but vedge out, and I have spent the last several months googling, “How to get the job you want,” while taking my lunch breaks. I am DoneTM. I have waffled long enough(two years) and I have management experience that is longer than the few months I gained working at some infamous arches. [On the bad/plus side, this means I now have even more reading recommendations because my vegging out is me reading.]

I currently have my eye on Verblio, Tutor, and OnlineBookReviewer. I of course still intend to complete my resume and find a full time non-freelancing job. I say of course because in this uncertain era of THE PLAGUETM it would be stupid to do otherwise, as I have many people reminding me.

My body, however, says it is time for me to move on. I am too stressed. I am trying to do much, between my job search, my attempts at freelancing, and my attempts to start a small store on the side. I don’t recall if I have ever mentioned it on this blog before, but I am a migraine sufferer. The other day, I started stressing out about going back to work, and before I knew it, BOOM, a hemiplegic migraine had been triggered. [Hemiplegic migraines suck, as entire parts of your body can go numb and/or pins-and-needles sensations, along with all the other usual suspects of a ‘typical’ migraine.] The next day I had a very strong reaction about going back to work, but settled it. So here I am debating with myself over how stupid I’m being to quit a serious, steady job in the middle of COVID-19. But I have set my course and am beginning to do my best to walk my bridge away from my job, without the burning of the bridges that looks so very tempting as my body decries the fact that I have put off my great decision until the point I’ve almost reached burnout.

So here I am about to enter that great and horrifying phase of life that is leaving a job without having another solid job lined up. I wish myself luck and fortitude.

What this means for the blog is that theoretically I will be less exhausted and will be able to set more time aside to work on it, so expect in about a month to be seeing me being a lot more active on here! I plan to put in a month’s notice as I suspect my boss will need me to finish training my replacement before I go. It also gives me a good barrier of time to hopefully find my first entry-level job that is in the industry I want to be.

And hey, if my leap into the dark turns out to be a really stupid idea, I’ve always wanted to make chain mail. I also have a large amount of my artwork that I’ve been meaning to sell for awhile now.

Now that I’ve meandered about my somewhat chaotic decision, time to move along!

In fandom news, I have officially been drawn into the Among Us fandom, largely thanks to a few of my Tumblr mutuals. Among Us fanart and really interesting comics kept popping up in my Tumblr feed, so I decided to check out the game on my phone. I played it a few times and was hooked. I’ve been enjoying the fanart, comics, and writings that have been emerging within this fandom quite a bit, so you can expect to see an Among Us page joining the recommendations!

I think that’s all for now. This note ended up not being sparse after all. Ah well, I have a letter to go write.

Au revoir!

Small edit update


Alright, the Bleach Link Dump is all placed into Title, Author, Summaries. The page is still disorganized but the only link standing by itself is one for someone else’s rec page that I really enjoyed.

I think I will be moving on to the Mo Dao Zu Shi page now.


I decided to go ahead and start a Ko-fi page here in case anyone feels like motivating me to work even more on the rec pages or help pay for the web cost. If you follow me on Tumblr you probably have an idea of why I decided to go with this longshot. heh. I’m struggling a bit, and working on this blog makes me feel like I’m doing something without the need to go punch things. But unfortunately, this is a fan site and does not pay my bills. So. yeah.

If you like any of the fic recs feel free to shoot me up with a comment! I’d love to know more about the folks that stop by, especially since right now I’m only getting spam comments and the occasional Rule 34 mention.


yeah. even just a hey I like this particular fandom the most!.


have a freaking great day!


Quick edit update

So I should be asleep right now, but I thought I’d leave a quick note. I’ve done a little editing on the Manga/Anime rec page. It still has quite a bit to go, but it’s getting closer to what it needs to be. It’s mostly in alphabetical order right now and most of the links were bato.to links so they probably won’t work-another thing I’ll need to fix there.

I’ve gotten sucked into the MDZS fandom very strongly so I’m going to have another huge list to add on whenever I get around to adding that page.

I also discovered that Tumblr rec blogs are a thing, so I’ve set up a page for those. I will be putting more detail into those later.

I’m also planning to set up a separate Tumblr blog specifically to share edits updates for here, much like I do here. Those may end up being more common as I have a tendency to prefer going into great detail here but we’ll see. I haven’t even set it up yet and have just been posting mentions on my regular tumblr.

I’m about to fall over so I’m going to close out here. Hope all you folks out there stay safe.


May 3 update

Alright, once again, not dead!

I’ve been doing a little bit, a very little bit on editing. Okay, so almost miniscule.

I honestly don’t have a lot of energy right now. I think I’m getting affected by the will-sapping ness of Covid19.

I intend to do some more editing here soon.

Currently I need to replace the hard drive on my PC, which is where I do most of the editing and once I get that up and running I wll hopefully be able to get the site back up to date. Cross my fingers, anyway. I currently have a ton more stories I need to add to the recs, and on the bigger rec pages I plan to add genres as I’ve mentioned in a previous post.


Update 1 April

Urgh. I did not mean to do an update on April 1st, but don’t worry this isn’t a prank post.

So, my plans to move to the Republic of Korea did not pan out.

That’s a very short way to say that I didn’t get my paperwork in order before COVID-19, which considering someone else I know doing similar in Bulgaria ended up being sent home, it works out, I guess?

So, I’m still working in fast food right now. Who would’ve ever guessed we would be considered essential workers right along with health care workers, huh? I’m still feeling pretty salty about that.

I’m currently trying to organize my paperwork so I can teach online, instead, especially since I live with my parents who are both over 60, I really don’t want to be the one that brings COVID-19 to them. (It doesn’t help that my boss’s attempt to keep everyone from panicking about it is to try to downplay the seriousness of this disease.)

I’m hoping that I will get to work on this site a bit more once I get everything figured out.

I am currently also being sidetracked by a series that I recently discovered that has three adaptions from the original novel: a comic, an animated show, and a live action series! I’m not a big fan of BL. I read it occasionally, and I will admit to a few slash ships I find to tend to have very good writers. But I don’t often go for BL stories as they all too often tend to focus on smut. However, I am fond of wuxia when I can follow it. Sometimes they just get so involved in the cultivation I cannot follow what’s happening in it anymore.  So, I use Mangadex to find new comics to read, and I came across this one that looked like wuxia. It was BL, but I really wanted something to read and it looked like it might be funny and so I decided to give it a read……
Then I HAD to read the novel. Then I HAD to watch the animated series. When I finish it, I HAVE to watch the live action series.
I went in for the wuxia and fell in love with the characters, the setting, the plot, all of it, [except maybe those chapters where the main ship got together{I really just find smut annoying most of the time} still the “everyday” thing was so ridiculously in character].

It was an absolutely stunning universe. I did not expect myself to fall in love with Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation so much. I’m really grateful https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/ decided to translate the novel. It’s really good. No, it’s not just good. It’s absolutely beautiful.


9 November

So, not dead, in case you were wondering. Also not in the Republic of Korea yet. Basically I’m being a slowpoke about everything lately. So this is mostly just a post to say, I will be continuing to edit a little by little. Probably very little lately, I’ve been covering third shift at work while we try to hire people. I live in a semi-rural area on top of a mountain. There aren’t a lot of people who want to work third shift. My boss is hoping to get me off third shift by Thanksgiving. I really hope she’s right. The reason this is important is that while on third shift I’ve picked up the habit of sleeping for ten hours a day. So I’m only awake for a few hours so editing will probably only be for a few minutes at a time. But I’m going to try to get back to working on it again, especially since my list has grown again. It doesn’t help that I’m whiling away time on Tumblr, either.

Ah well, I’m not Yoda. I can try.

April 8 edits

Salutations! So I created a Buzz Lightyear of Star Command page. I could have sworn I already made one, but I was unable to find it, so there is one up now. Right now it only has works from one author on it because I pulled the stuff off bookmarks and the rest should be in my alerts and favorites on ff.net. I also finally got around to cleaning up the ridiculous link dump I had left on the Fullmetal Alchemist page, as well as adding a few stories to the Noblesse page.

I have noticed that I have a bad habit of not putting ratings on stories from Archive of Our Own, so if ratings are an issue for you, watch out for those. Speaking of the Archive, it’s pretty cool that it got nominated for a Hugo Award. I’m going to have to remember to keep an eye out and see where that goes. I’m also curious if any of the stories I like have been some of the ones nominated, but I haven’t got around to checking into it.

In personal news, I’m officially set to get my TEFL certification, although the class won’t start until next month, so I should have plenty of time to edit Reading Recommedations. Despite my bold statement as of my last blog post, I hadn’t gotten much work done on it. That’s why there are still way too many link dumps up. I’ve not been getting on my desktop much, and I just can’t edit as successfully on my laptop. How does that song go? “Excuses, excuses, you hear them every day.” I’ve found that having a dirty workroom/office is not conducive to wanting to be on my PC. Spring cleaning has begun now so I’ve since ensured that is no longer an issue.

All of that means I should actually get around to editing again, especially since just the little bit I did today reminded me how many great stories out there I should totally reread. Not to mention, I’ve already started another giant list in my bookmarks page again. The Dragon Ball page is going to be a great deal larger soon, as are the Marvel pages.

So, some stuff done, lots more to go.


News (Exciting! …and Not[because I ramble])

Hello! So, in wonderful news, I have officially received my diploma in the mail. I am now bonafide certified as a Bachelor of Arts, English. Woot woot! That means that I will now actually have time to work on this site!

Of course, that means that in just the past few days when I was relaxing over not being in school anymore, I managed to accumulate a good number of stories that I enjoyed. So the pages will be getting more recommendations added to them

In less interesting news, I have been contemplating the decision to stop using a pen name and just go by my real name on here.  My plan is to get a certification for teaching English as a foreign language, and hopefully get a job in either South Korea or Japan. I have been thinking about putting that on a blog, and hey this one’s here, but then again, this is my space for enjoyable fanfiction stories.

Also, the only reason I even use a pen name online is because when I was growing up, MySpace was in that stage where everyone knew it wasn’t a good place to put your stuff, because the whole world could see it! (le gasp) Looking back on that attitude that I remember hearing so much, I find it so very ironic. I think part of it was also because I live in a semi-rural area, so much was made of the idea of the online stranger danger. “Don’t put yourself in a position where that person can find you in real life.” This really makes me wonder if children in school still get those lectures. I mean, I know really little kids who have Facebook accounts; do they get to hear those lectures about not telling strangers how to find them, or is there some weird absorption thing where kids just know these things, like how you hand a two year old a phone, and they can unlock it in a few seconds? The previous sentence was really long, really weird, and needs editing.

Also, there was also the fun of figuring out a pen name. D’North is a pun. It is a very stupid pun that makes very little sense, but I liked it. I’m from the southern part of the United States, so I am very much not from the north, or of the north. However, my middle name is a derivative of a name that means “Man from the north.” My mother and grandfather also have that name, so the name is quite traditional.  Also, in one of Brian Jacques’s Redwall books, there is an otter tribe that were called NORT, which is short for something I can no longer recall. I was very fond of those characters at the time I was attempting to devise a new pseudonym as I had realized my previous one had romantic connotations that made me sound lovesick, and as an ace decided I was not standing for that. I was just going to go with D’Nort but then googled it so as to prevent any unfortunate connotations with it. After being relieved I had checked the urban dictionary, I decided to go with North as it had connections to my name.

I think I may keep using D’North after all. I am quite fond of my middle name due to its familial connection, and I think I can still have fun with it for now.

Anyway, I will be editing once more, and guess what? I am on a Star Wars kick again. I have grown overly fond of Vader redemption fics, especially those that include characters such as Piett and Veers.  I am also attempting to write my own works again, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, Elijah D’North, B.A. signing off.

Does it count putting the B.A. up if it’s your pseudonym?

Oh well, Elijah D’North, signing off.

Little Info and a few Discoveries

I think it is absolutely hilarious to hear James Veitch say, “Bonsoir, my golden nugget, bonsoir.” He’s a very enjoyable comedian that I found while watching TedTalks.

So finals week has not yet arrived for me, so I probably won’t be doing much here for the next two weeks, except when I am procrastinating–like right now for instance.

I was previously not aware of the existence of a children’s show called Lazytown. For a kids show, it is weirdly entertaining. Generally when I watch a show intended for much younger audiences I find myself unable to watch more than a few minutes due to disinterest, cheesiness, or just plain disgust.[I’m not a big fan of downgrading quality for younger children. I think it is both lazy and an adult judgment that ignores the fact that children can be just as smart as adults].  Lazytown, however, is actually entertaining. It’s also kind of a funny story how I discovered it. On Youtube, I subscribe to several people who edit songs into nightcore. One of them posted “We Are Number One But It’s Nightcore” I enjoyed it and listened to it a lot. Then one day when I was bored and procrastinating I played the song and it occurred to me to wonder about the very specific lyrics. Banana peels and throwing things seemed awfully specific for a song that I had assumed was for lack of better words ‘just a song about villainy.’ So curious about the context I searched for The Living Tombstone’s version which unknowing, I thought was the original version [I completely missed the gofundme link for ‘Robbie Rotten’ posted in the Youtube details, and was not familiar with The Living Tombstone]. So when I got to that video I was fairly confused but in the search results was a clip of the song as it was in the original episode. “Oh, it’s a show!” This, combined with noticing the gofundme mention in The Living Tombstone’s video resulted in me looking it up. Then I looked up the fandom. Then I looked up how parents felt about the show. These all resulted in me wondering how I’d never come across this show before, and finally I pulled up an episode on Youtube. Ironically, it was the very last episode. I watched it, every minute expecting to be bored out of my skull as normally occurs with young children’s shows and cartoons. Instead I found myself laughing and enjoying it. I don’t know if I’ll end up watching the entire series or not, I’m fairly bad at completely watching entire series of shows I adore, let alone one I was iffy at from the get go, but it definitely deserves a place in my likes. Honestly, depending on how the series goes and considering the episodes I’ve seen so far, I may start pushing my little cousins, niece and nephew toward it.

I was not expecting to devote that many words to Lazytown. In regards to the fandom, I’m not sure if I will post stories from it or not. It’s well filled with apparently devoted shippers. I might do a focus on gen stories or something similar, but for now that probably won’t happen any time soon. I do enjoy the artwork I’ve seen on Tumblr, though.

Also, I can’t remember if I announced it or not, but R.J. Ross released her twentieth book Rise and Shine. I really enjoyed it, again. Also, for a very temporary time, she is selling T-Shirts here. I believe it stops Friday. I ordered myself the Cold Steel shirt.

I suspect when I begin editing, I may start in the Marvel universe, I’ve gotten myself stuck on hurt/comfort Loki stories again, although I think right now the Tony stories may be a bit more prolific.


Jan. 16 edits

Huh. It has actually been a while since I’ve titled a post about edits. Honestly there probably won’t be many of the posts saying edits anymore. I’ve completed the Link Dump and now my edits will mostly be focused on cleaning up–oh, wait. I still have to add in the non-bookmarked stories from my ff.net favorites and the ones from AO3, and the ones from the random-odd sites like Potions and Snitches amongst others. Never mind, lots of edit posts are foreseen in the future.
Speaking of edits, the links dumped into the Case Closed/Detective Conan and Magic Kaito page  have been cleaned up: there were only about four and I found a new one today that I just added so I fixed it up while I was on the page. I know I should have quite a few on my FF favorites list, so I will need to add those and then the page will be somewhat finished.

I haven’t really worked on any of the other pages as I’ve been trying to complete my marathon of Dragon Ball episodes before the semester started, as well as do my spring cleaning before spring comes.
It’s interesting to see how very obvious it is that Naruto was inspired by Dragon Ball, from the visual similarities to the things like one of Tienshinhan’s techniques that probably inspired the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.
I will probably work on the pages that do not have any summaries up yet: such as Dragon Ball, Sherlock, FMA, and Reborn!

How many of you have snow?