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Jan. 16 edits

Huh. It has actually been a while since I’ve titled a post about edits. Honestly there probably won’t be many of the posts saying edits anymore. I’ve completed the Link Dump and now my edits will mostly be focused on cleaning up–oh, wait. I still have to add in the non-bookmarked stories from my favorites and the ones from AO3, and the ones from the random-odd sites like Potions and Snitches amongst others. Never mind, lots of edit posts are foreseen in the future.
Speaking of edits, the links dumped into the Case Closed/Detective Conan and Magic Kaito page  have been cleaned up: there were only about four and I found a new one today that I just added so I fixed it up while I was on the page. I know I should have quite a few on my FF favorites list, so I will need to add those and then the page will be somewhat finished.

I haven’t really worked on any of the other pages as I’ve been trying to complete my marathon of Dragon Ball episodes before the semester started, as well as do my spring cleaning before spring comes.
It’s interesting to see how very obvious it is that Naruto was inspired by Dragon Ball, from the visual similarities to the things like one of Tienshinhan’s techniques that probably inspired the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.
I will probably work on the pages that do not have any summaries up yet: such as Dragon Ball, Sherlock, FMA, and Reborn!

How many of you have snow?


Saddening news

I just learned today that is going to be shutting down. It has long been my favorite place to read fan translations and I will definitely be sad to see it go.

Since that is occurring I will be placing my follows list from there on the manga/anime rec page so that I don’t forget some of the more obscure enjoyable works I read. It will be a while before that will be properly cleaned after I do that as I will try to find the appropriate places to read the manga placed there.

Link Dump Complete!

So, I have stuck every fanfiction link onto the many different pages. That means that I can now focus on cleaning up the pages and putting the larger pages into subdivisions to be more manageable. Also if I find more enjoyable stories I can just go ahead and add them instead of having a large list in front of them. I may also add a few more series to the book recommendation page I have right now. I think I also need to update the Cape High summary since there’s been a few more books come out.

Happy New Year!

So happy new year, if you use the Gregorian calendar anyway.

My computer thanks me for getting rid of the Naruto folder. I’ve dumped what I think is all the Naruto story links: turns out I had multiple links of a good many stories, some I think I put multiple times in the link dump on the Naruto page.
I’ve already seen much improvement in my browser, but I think I shall continue with the link dump since I am still adding more bookmarked stories every so many days.

I have also decided that I have so many stories on the Naruto page that once I finish the link dump and start cleaning up pages, when I turn my attention to the Naruto page once more, I shall start divvying up the stories into genres. Well, not so much genres as [I can’t remember the right word/description] subject matter such as time travel stories, reincarnation stories, gen, romance, whump, that sort of thing. For instance in Bleach fanfiction, there would be a Ichigo-is-Kaien category; or in the Harry Potter/ Katekyou Hitman Reborn! crossovers there would be a Harry-is-Skull category. In Naruto there might be a Naruto-is-a-Uchiha category. [That might be an overly complicated category considering some of the stories I’ve run across.]

But before that happens I still have a few more link dumps to occur. I have created a Katekyo Hitman Reborn page and a Sherlock Holmes page. There may be some fics interpreted as slash in the Sherlock page as I tend to interpret John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as a queerplatonic relationship and some fics that are supposed to be slash [according to the author] can also be interpreted that way and I willfully do that.

Anyway, I have no more to say, except:

May the worlds in which you tumble within
Discover new thoughts and words that sing
Of worlds within your mind to put to pen
That you may share with the world your written string.

Let your page unfurl to the world!


Massive Link Dump

Hello! So I recently have been suffering from computer issues. Namely, I have so memory and CPU being used up (especially when I open my computer browser) that my computer slows to the point that it becomes difficult to use it. I’ve managed to use a few temporary measures but it’s become fairly clear that the browser is using far more resources than it needs to. I have decided the simplest solution is just wiping everything from the browser (either that or switching to a different browser which is NOT happening); but if I do it in the manner I’m going to lose something very important: my bookmarks. Honestly I think the bookmarks might be a major reason my browser takes up so much space. Why is this important? Because I have decided to just dump all the bookmarked links in the appropriate places on here. They’re not going to neat or orderly, it’s just going to be a bunch of links dumped all over the pages. There’s quite a few, and that is probably the largest understatement I’ve ever made.

It’s a bit early for spring cleaning, but oh well.


Haha oops…

Okay, so right now I have around five papers that I need to be writing. But instead I’m going to start the Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia page because I’m really stuck on that fandom, and I want more Dad All Might fics and there are seriously not enough yet! There also need to be more time travel fics and “All-for-one is actually Izuku’s dad fics.” So instead of catching up on sleep or writing a paper, I am going to start that page after I hit the publish button for this. Also, it looks like most of the fics that I have found are cross-posted to both AO3 and so I’m not going to have specific separated sections for them on that page.

Little Note

Hello! This is just a little note to say thanks, and also state that I should be able to get back to large editing sometime in December,probably after the 15th, since that is when my finals will be officially over. Also, I recently became interested My Hero Academia and I have started adding fanfiction from its fandom into my folders, so when I get a chance I will be starting a page with that. I’m hoping to get a chance to go over the stories that are in some of my pages of the fandoms I have been familiar with longer , such as Danny Phantom, as I’ve noticed that some of them have stories with quality that is less than desirable. When I’m really enjoying(i.e. stuck in/obsessed with) a  fandom I tend to overlook quality in favor of plot, so I need to be a bit more critical of those.

Also, I had a really interesting chance this semester to study fanfiction from a critical standpoint, it was fascinating, and I’m hoping to incorporate some of what I’ve learned into blog posts at some point, as well as into my “Opinions” on the pages.