Manga/Anime Rec

This is the page for recommendations of manga and anime. There are some that it’s obvious I like…. My fanfic pages make them clear. This page is more for the ones I have come across that seem to be less well known. (Or maybe I just haven’t run into many people in the fandom yet)

Title: Aphorism
Author: Karuna Kujo
A manga series that follows the adventures of Momiji Rokudou and his classmates at Naraka High School. Naraka High promises graduates great prospects and you only attend one year to graduate. The only necessity for entrance? The ability to see the island in the sky. The problem with Naraka High is that you have to survive to graduation.

Title: Cinderella Boy
This is a 13 episode anime based on a one-shot by Monkey Punch. The main characters are private detectives Rella and Ranma. When running from an organized crime boss leads to a horrible accident, Ranma wakes a week later with no injuries and no sign of Rella until the stroke of midnight, when his body changes to Rella. Rella has no memories of the past week and no idea where Ranma is.

List of manga

Title: +C: Sword and Cornett
Title: 1/2 Prince
Author: Yu Wo
1/2 Prince is a light novel series with a manga based on it. The stories follows a young woman who gets angry at her brother for stating that women have it easy in virtual reality games as all they have to do is get a guy to take care of them. Annoyed, she determines to prove him wrong in the new popular VR game. In a lucky streak, she accidentally becomes the first person to log into the game, leading to her getting to play as a male thanks to a “first person gets a wish”  despite the fact that it’s actually against game rules. However she makes a very ‘pretty’ guy, and her mishaps in the game just pile up. It’s hilarious and weird, but not something you’ll regret looking into. It does play around with the idea of harems and reverse harems and totally unwanted harems as the main character garners fans of all kinds. I believe Prince Revolution has translated all of the 1/2 Prince novels and are working on the next gen series now.

Summary: A guy decides to help his crush succeed in her audition by crossdressing and badmouthing the group she’s auditioning during an audition. However he ends up passing the audition too!
Title: Acony
Title: Adabana
Title: Addolorato
Title: Amagoi
Title: Blavet
Summary:  A soldier severely injured in battle is given a chance for life by a (sort-of) experimental treatment that leaves his body smaller and looking like a delicate young girl. He is then sent undercover to track down some terrorists, and gets into quite a few difficult situations.
Opinion: This is absolutely hilarious.
Summary: This well-known manga/anime is about a boy living in a world where superpowers are the norm and he doesn’t have any; but desperately wants to become a hero.
Summary: Follows some interesting adventurers.
Opinion: I liked it; it does have some controversy surrounding it due to some of the characters showing similarities to Fairy Tail so be prepared to see arguments about that sometimes in those fandoms. Amusingly enough I read this before I’d even heard of Fairy Tail so those similarities don’t really bug me yet.
Title: Butterfly
Summary: A young man injured by corrupt members of his government and lackies becomes a cyborg. This is both an original and a reboot.
Title: Carat!
Summary: A high up official in the imperial court has two wives, and one child by each. The daughter is like a son, and the son was raised like a daughter due to a fortuneteller/seer’s warning. So everyone thinks the son is a daughter and the daughter is a son. Trouble arises when the daughter gets into a fight with a boy who has had his coming-of-age ceremony which he rubs into her face, and she promptly demands her father give her the coming-of-age ceremony which is strictly for males. In the end, these two troublesome children end up in the imperial court each pretending to be the other gender.
Status: Complete
Summary: This is hands down one of my favorite manhuas/mangas. The mess those two constantly get themselves into is hilarious.
Title: Cute x Guy
Summary: A very cute manga that follows what happens when an alien baby gets crash landed with two kids staying by themselves.
Summary: exactly what it says on the tin.
Opinion: The puns are pretty funny at first, but when I tried to read it a second time I wasn’t able to because it does follow a little bit of repetition. Let’s just say the maou likes to whack his followers ALOT.
Summary: A kid finds out phantom thievery runs in his family DNA quite literally, as the males in his family turn into a physically different phantom thief upon gaining heartbreak.
Status: ? There is an official English translation that goes to at least 13 volumes[how many I have] but I don’t if it was dropped or effected by whatever happened to Tokyopop. There is also an anime which status I am unaware of.
Summary: A kid playing a game of which his brother is a GM of accidentally ends up joining the bad guild [ I think, these summaries are on what I remember and it’s been a while since I read this one.
Title; Helck
Summary: In the competition to choose a new maou is a human who seriously looks like he should be a hero, but states he is determined to destroy humanity. One of the judges of the contest is not so convinced he isn’t a spy. He’s far too nice to want to be a destroyer of humanity after all.
Opinion: This story is so beautiful I wrote poetry for it. Also warning, although it starts out very comedically, it’s definitely a tearjerker.
Title: Izayakaku
Title: Jumbor
Summary: A person appears and declares he will destroy and remake the world with his jumbors-human/machine hybrids, and does so. As his destruction begins he finds a construction manager/worker who he has a great deal of respect for and converts the man into one of his jumbors. Several years later the newly made jumbor wakes to a world completely different
Title: Katana
Title: Kekkaishi
Status: Complete
Summary: Soldiers specifically bred to be soldiers are on a mission to a planet that is about to be die when a dangerous creature boards and attacks. Mysteries are uncovered about their commander and crimes that happened on the planet many years before as the creature seeks revenge.
Opinion: Another one of my favorites, I actually started on an MMV for this manga, although I never did finish them. I need to go dig those clips out.
Title: Kurozakuro
Title: Landreaall
Author: Yu Wo
Summary: The twelve holy knights serve the temple and are led by the Sun Knight. Everyone in the continent knows many facts about the twelve holy knights especially the most famous Sun Knight, but the twelve holy knights of the thirty-eighth generations are all quite aware that what “everyone in the continent knows” isn’t exactly the truth.
Opinion: Another one of my absolute favorites, and utterly hilarious.
Title: Loop
Summary: After Phantom Thief Kaitou Kid[yes that one] shows up Kuroba Kaito is stunned to discover his father’s death was more that it seemed, and that it is time for him to take up his father’s other magician show.
Status: [I believe this was actually started before Detective Conan/Case Closed but is still ongoing/hiatus]
Summary: The maou requests the hero to work with her. There are multiple versions of the manga due to the contest of which one would become the official adaptation.
Title: Midnight
Title: Moon Edge
Summary: This brother wants to keep his sister alive[ish] no matter how disturbing the things he must do/
Title: Ouroboros
Title: Pinocchio
Summary: When a dangerous prince tries to force his enemy princess to marry him, the princess demands the captain of the guards save her from her wedding, but after he does so they slowly begin to unearth some strange things about the demons who they think may be their only ally against that one country.
Summary: Just as Hana’s family have enough troubles when their family run model/acting agency’s main model/actor abandons them for their rival company Hana’s grandfather decides to cheer up Hana with a trip to the past only they accidentally bring Oda Nobunaga and three of his loyal retainers bacak to the present with them.
Title: Attack On Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Summary: Gated community is attacked by giant humans. One of the community members finds out he can turn into giant human. Gated community fights back against their ancient enemy with their new weapon and slowly uncover horrible truths about how they became gated community.
Title: Soleil
Title: Stray Dog
Summary:  demihumans are not treated well. this one warrior picks up one of them. warrior hides secret under eyepatch.
Title: Superior
Summary: branch member of onmyoji becomes familiar for main family member who everyone thinks is a guy and the reincarnation of Abe no Seimei. trouble ensues.
Title: Toradora!
Title: Uwasaya
Title: Ushio and Tora
Summary: After years of laughing at his priest father’s tales of youkai Ushio is stunned to find the legendeary Beast Spear imprisoning a youkai in one of the storage temple’s basement. Suddenly he finds himself thrust with the duty to bear the spear and destroy youkai. But the Beast Spear’s use has a price with each time he wields it and the history of his father’s temples place burdens he never suspected upon him.
Opinion: Another one of my favorites/
Summary: MC is in for a shock when she discovers the new transfer student is a crossdressing guy trying to prove to his father his dedication to become an actor.