Title: Cape Fear
Author: Emerald1
Summary: Humans fear what they do not understand. A member of Team Gibbs faces that fear when he discovers the truth about himself. Angst and humor in equal parts in this study of what it means to be human, and what it means when others question your humanity.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Horoshee Malchek
Author: findinghero
Summary: There’s a reason Tim only asks for help when he has no other choice. He doesn’t want to get anyone else involved. A McOrigins Oneshot. Tim-centric.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Never Trust the FBI
Author: findinghero
Summary: An FBI controlled joint task force is about to take down the biggest mob boss in Chicago, and only Tim knows the agent in charge of the takedown is dirty, but can he protect his team without revealing his past? No spoilers past Vance’s promotion to director, and it ignores all McGee family references from Penelope Papers on. Horoshee Malchek remix.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: On His Six
Author: Rose Malmaison
Summary: Little Timmy McGee is left in Gibbs’ care for the day. What could possibly go wrong? Rated: G. Humor, family, kid!fic, drabble, 500 words.
Rated: Fiction K