Skip Beat!

Please keep in mind that this is one of the fandoms that introduced me to fanfiction when I was much much younger. Some of these stories I haven’t read in years. I honestly don’t remember what the quality is like in them or even what happened in most of them. I will be correcting that fact at a later date, but right now listed is just what I once liked.

Title: A History of Color
Author: buduica
Summary: A waitress keeps noticing unusual couples at her place of work. A Skip Beat future-fic, Ren/Kyouko pairing.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Real Pair of Reinos
Author: returquoise
Summary: Reino was decidedly NOT amused by his band mates’ shenanigans. Crack, oneshot.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Avoiding the Question
Author: Rutoh-Chan
Summary: After making a discovery that Ren was not expecting, he and Kyoko find out that Cain Heel has a mind of his own. Which leads to a very interesting conversation and some questions no one really wants to discuss. Pity then, that Sho is expecting answers.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: ButtDialing 1: RenKyoko
Author: mangaEATER-chan
Summary: When Ren accidentally calls Kyoko and she overhears him confess…What will happen? Finished!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Comparing the Dolls
Author: SummertimeSun
Summary: Kyoko decides to make doll versions of Kuu and Julie. What if she finally starts noticing the similarities between Ren and Kuu?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Connections
Author: false sourires
Summary: Kuu had a thought that just wouldn’t leave his mind.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Continuous Palpitations
Author: false sourires
Summary: Ren must help Yashiro recover from seeing Box R for the first time. Spoiler alert.
Rated: Fiction K
Opinion: Good fic, love the omake too!

Title: Convergence Zone
Author: leavesfallingup
Summary: The cast of Dark Moon travels to the United States for the Emmy Awards. Hizuri Kuu, Ren’s father invites them to stay on his estate. Will Ren’s secret be revealed? And how will Kyoko react?
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Dear Senpai
Author: leavesfallingup
Summary: Lory has conceived yet another devious scheme, wrapped in the guise of a LoveMe assignment. All the girls have to do is to write at least one letter a week to the person they respect the most. Simple… right?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dude, That’s Kyoko
Author: sdxhybvguolnhoih
Summary: Mogami Kyoko. The girl that you all love and know. She’s getting pretty famous. A little too famous. To what extent will she go to in order to “protect” herself? Let me just tell you! She gender-bends!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Eagle’s Eyes
Author: Stor-E-Phool
Summary: Kyoko’s world is now silent, and Ren’s is now dark. They must work to reclaim their stolen freedom, becoming one another’s eyes and ears.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Her Fairy Prince
Author: Rutoh-Chan
Summary: Kuon refuses Lory’s offer to escape to Japan and start a new life. Several years later, his parents drag him back to Kyoto, desperate to help him. While there, he decides to visit his last good memories and finds more than he expected.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Inner Mind Theatre
Author: WingsOfMorphius
Summary: The new girl meets her predecessors… and things don’t go so well.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Keeping a Secret?
Author: TodayisAlive
Summary: Ren and Kyouko are married, but are keeping it quiet from all but their closest friends. How will the world respond? Especially those in Kyouko’s school, their parents, and friends they’ve made along the way. And, of course, Shou.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Love Gives You Hell
Author: ZionX
Summary: Ren over heard kyoko confessing her love to Sho and he turned into Cain and went to a bar. President called Kyoko for help on getting Cain out of there before he gets in trouble… with a little taste of humor and romance… SPOILER! ch164…
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Poker Face
Author: MishaAngel123
Summary: Ren’s having a tough time with his B.J. role. Who can lighten his mood as he gets ready for his next scene? Oneshot.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Sons
Author: SaphfireFlame
Summary: Sometime in the future, Ren and Kyoko are getting married! ‘Bout time too! Kuu, being the oyabaka he is, is overjoyed and immeadiatly has to tell everyone. Only problem is, he needs to work on his methods of communication a bit…
Rated: Fiction K+
Opinion: I cannot… this story is too funny.

Title: The Fourth LoveMe Member
Author: TotalOtaku07
Summary: The LoveMe Division welcomes a new member. But why is Kyoko so eager to help her new teammate to graduate? Will they both survive in the end, and possibly find love?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Girl in the Tower
Author: cursedbykarma
Summary: A Skip Beat! fairytale based loosely on the story of Rapunzel. Kyoko lives a lonely life locked in a tower in the middle of a forest until the day she meets a strange traveler named Ren.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Reveal
Author: anemix
Summary: Heel Cain won an award for Best Male Supporting Role, but Tsuruga Ren is standing up to accept it! What’s going on?
Rated: Fiction K
Opinion: The reveal comes off awkwardly with the video part, but it’s a funny idea.

Title: Unplanned Revelations
Author: silver-gossamer
Summary: Ren ends up in hospital in a coma after a car accident. What will happen when he wakes up as his 15 year old self, Kuon Hizuri, with no memories of being Ren Tsuruga? Will he unintentionally reveal his own secrets to Yashiro and Kyouko?
Rated: Fiction T