Pirates of the Caribbean

Title: A Friend Like Mine
Author: Tari Roo
Summary: Held captive by mercenaries, Will and Elizabeth are compelled to help a desperate man attain immortality, or face the unpleasant consequences. Its a good thing they have friends in .. er.. low and rather odd places. Post AWE by a good sum
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Apotheosis
Author: Fialleril
Summary: Because it was high time a certain someone got the better of Jack Sparrow, at least once. postAWE
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Family
Author: Jedipati
Summary: Davy Jones didn’t like it when Calypso was bound, and swears that he will free her. He didn’t expect it to take as long as it was, nor did he expect to have to ask his grandson and great-grandson- both of whom are named William Turner- for help.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Some Men Have Died
Author: Mizuki1988
Summary: AWE spoilers alert. When the new Captain of the Flying Dutchman brings the lost souls to the afterworld for the first time, he reaccquaints himself with his parents. Both sets of them.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Strange Child in a Strange Place
Author: Jedipati
Summary: Bootstrap Bill Turner did not expect to have to deal with his grandson. Bootstrap also didn’t think he could have a six year old grandson when his son, who he hadn’t seen in nearly five years, was only sixteen! Another drabble series.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: The Letter
Author: Jedipati
Summary: They fished the bottle out of the sea one day, and it had some very important news for Will inside.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: The Weight of Water
Author: virgo79
Summary: Regret is heavy. Bill Turner, with nothing left to lose. Or so he thinks, but he’s been out of touch for a while. Bottom of the ocean and all. (Post-movie)
Rated: Fiction M