Few edits update

Alright, just a few quick things. First off, I’ve started a page for other people’s recs of non-AO3 fics for The Untamed/CQL/MDZS fandom. If you know of any, send them to me, I’ll list them up there.

I did a few small edits on the Harry Potter Crossover page, not a lot, there’s a couple things that got moved from link dump, still a whole lot more to do, but I’m finally getting a move on on those.

I did some rearranging, Random Links has been renamed Interesting Links and the bulk of the links are going to still be there but I’ve put up two separate under pages: one for Tea Links and one for Interesting Articles. I may put an underpage for How To links later.

I took a couple of x-over links off the Harry Potter page as well as an old link for a missing story on AO3.

In other news, have I mentioned my cats? Well, I have the CatBerries which recently upped to four, as my mother rescued a stray from her workplace so we have BlackBerry, StrawBerry, DewBerry, and now Blueberry! I’m naming thematically and having fun.

That’s it for now.

Happy Holidays!

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