9 November

So, not dead, in case you were wondering. Also not in the Republic of Korea yet. Basically I’m being a slowpoke about everything lately. So this is mostly just a post to say, I will be continuing to edit a little by little. Probably very little lately, I’ve been covering third shift at work while we try to hire people. I live in a semi-rural area on top of a mountain. There aren’t a lot of people who want to work third shift. My boss is hoping to get me off third shift by Thanksgiving. I really hope she’s right. The reason this is important is that while on third shift I’ve picked up the habit of sleeping for ten hours a day. So I’m only awake for a few hours so editing will probably only be for a few minutes at a time. But I’m going to try to get back to working on it again, especially since my list has grown again. It doesn’t help that I’m whiling away time on Tumblr, either.

Ah well, I’m not Yoda. I can try.

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