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Okay, so right now I have around five papers that I need to be writing. But instead I’m going to start the Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia page because I’m really stuck on that fandom, and I want more Dad All Might fics and there are seriously not enough yet! There also need to be more time travel fics and “All-for-one is actually Izuku’s dad fics.” So instead of catching up on sleep or writing a paper, I am going to start that page after I hit the publish button for this. Also, it looks like most of the fics that I have found are cross-posted to both AO3 and FF.net so I’m not going to have specific separated sections for them on that page.


Little Note

Hello! This is just a little note to say thanks, and also state that I should be able to get back to large editing sometime in December,probably after the 15th, since that is when my finals will be officially over. Also, I recently became interested My Hero Academia and I have started adding fanfiction from its fandom into my folders, so when I get a chance I will be starting a page with that. I’m hoping to get a chance to go over the stories that are in some of my pages of the fandoms I have been familiar with longer , such as Danny Phantom, as I’ve noticed that some of them have stories with quality that is less than desirable. When I’m really enjoying(i.e. stuck in/obsessed with) a  fandom I tend to overlook quality in favor of plot, so I need to be a bit more critical of those.

Also, I had a really interesting chance this semester to study fanfiction from a critical standpoint, it was fascinating, and I’m hoping to incorporate some of what I’ve learned into blog posts at some point, as well as into my “Opinions” on the pages.


Word Discovery

This is just a small post about a discovery I made while doing my homework. I am studying Shakespeare’s plays this semester, and am currently on Henry IV, Part 1. Whilst reading, I came upon a scene in which several characters put on masks. However, instead of saying mask, they say “vizard.” I’ve seen this word before, and in the context of masks. However, when I had seen it before, most people were arguing that the word was simply made up or a misspelling. It’s not! It’s a word that was used in Elizabethan times. The Bleach fandom just got way cooler to me.

October 7(ish) 12:06am edits(?) and the Zap discovery

So actually I have been doing a little editing despite school. Just a tad. More than I should be especially with Midterms coming up, and starting on the Honors program. I’m so excited about the project I’ll be doing!

But that’s not the point of this page. I have decided, since I have found one or two Webcomics that I find interesting, to create a Recommended Webcomics page.

I actually only had one Webcomic I was doing any serious following of: El Goonish Shive, a webcomic quite filled with transformative hijinks, and a few magical adventures.

However I happened to click on an ad, which led me to a webcomic author who had a lovely style.  Her comic Wilde Life is ongoing and after finishing it, made me wish for more by her. Investigating, I discovered a link that led to her previous work, a webcomic called Zap!

Much like El Goonish Shive, the artwork’s a bit rough at the beginning, but the story is incredible.  I find it a brilliant story, and it has inspired me to start a new page. But why are you still here? Go read Zap! It’s awesome!

Fall ’17 Announcements

Huh, that title sounds horribly pretentious.Ah well, I’ve always thought I sound horribly pretentious anyway. But I’m merely “announcing” that I probably won’t be able to edit much this fall. I’m going to be taking a full semester and I’m hoping to get involved with a couple groups as well. Not only that but I’m planning on being ambitious enough to attempt to make my GPA raise a bit higher than it currently is. So I have to figure out when I’m doing what before  I figure out when I want to edit. I definitely will still attempt to do so, I just won’t have as much time: 4 English classes, doncha’ know.

In other news RJ Ross has released another book: Cape High Villainy: A Side Story (Cape High Series) which was quite enjoyable as it showed more of the adult side of the storyverse. Well, and Skystep.

I honestly think that’s all.

True Blue!!

May 13 edits

My! I’ve been on quite an editing bent. That new method WordPress is using is really motivating me! I’ve added a bit more to the Danny Phantom page, and am tentatively labeling the Noblesse page finished as I’ve pulled all the fics I followed on ff.net onto that page. I suppose at some point I’ll need to add AO3 fics to that page, we’ll see. Now, I’m going to take a break to reread Forms of Elegance, and maybe do some cleaning.

May 12 edits

Bonsoir. Or good morning if you’re in a similar time zone to myself, and actually just got up as opposed to myself attempting to stay awake as an attempt to recognate my sleep cycle to third shift work. I like working third shift, I just have an issue when I only work it two days and have to readjust for the other days. This is why my “what have I edited” posts might have the potential to come off weird, I’m tired…but I’m weird anyway so that train of thought isn’t as logical as it started out.

Randomness: I discovered today while reading in my A Handbook to Literature, that the word ‘squib’ is actually a literary term having to do with satirical stuff. I really wonder if JK Rowling knew that when she chose the term. It would be interesting if she did, although I suppose it’s possible she chose it for the more well-known theory, the whole-burnt out firework meaning. Randomness done.

I actually edited some more on the Harry Potter page, I’m to the ‘H’s now. YAY! *sarcasm over now* Well I am glad to be editing on it more, but I foresee the ‘H’ fics to take a very long time as there are probably going to more of them than any other letter in the alphabet seeing as titles “Harry Potter and…” are so very popular. If I was a little more enthusiastic and more awake I would be throwing in odd little gifs and videos, such as that one song “I will be popular” which I only know because of a Kaito Kid AMV, ….this one I don’t even like this song!  And now it’s going to be stuck in my head again. The AMV is good though.

I have also decided to create extra crossover pages for some of the longer lists of crossovers: the Harry Potter crossovers were taking over the Various Crossovers page. The Harry Potter crossovers is underneath the Various Crossovers page.

WordPress has actually made this site a little easier for me to make/edit! Previously, the pages were organized in the list of the date the pages were created, but now WordPress is organizing them the way the pages are organized on the site, so editing is easier! It also now tells me how long ago it’s been since I edited a page, like the ones I just did were 12 minutes ago, and there are some I haven’t edited in over five months. So now I can see which ones I’ve been neglecting!

Also I’ve gotten addicted to listening to motivation videos while working on this. It’s better than the TEDtalks. A good way to stick quotes on your work desk is by using a label maker to paste the quotes you like to your desk. I don’t…that sentence sounded more logical in my head.


[edit: I’m an idiot. I forgot there was a difference between blog posts and pages.]