Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X

Title: An Unexpected Lesson
Author: Conspirator
Summary: Three years after the end of the Bakumatsu, a chance encounter with a kabuki troupe teaches Kenshin an unexpected lesson in survival.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: At Arm’s Length
Author: tact-and-impulse
Summary: Kamiya Koshijiro returns home to find his daughter living with a redheaded stranger. (Or, if Kaoru’s father survived.) Written for Ruroken Week 2016.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Blades of Blood
Author: Vathara
Summary: In a world where monsters roam city streets, a mildmannered New Yorker has just picked up a blade called Battousai… Modern AU, based off the NightLife RPG. Complete.
Rated: Fiction T
Title: Witchy Woman
Summary: Swordspirit, Crowley, and a Witch on the run. Never go gambling with Sano. Sequel to Blades of Blood.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Castoff
Author: Ravyn
Summary: A party on a secluded island in the middle of a haunted lake gives a group of friends a little more trouble than they bargained for.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dare You To Jump
Author: Inkblot and Winged Things
Summary: AU What would you do if the only company you truly trusted were the voices in your head? What would you do if they slowly began to drive you insane? Kenshin-centric.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Dragons
Author: Unseen Watcher
Summary: Kenshin and his master still look so young. Is there more to being a Hiten Mitsurugi master than even the 13th inheritor knows?
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Evil
Author: whYFeL
Summary: Evil has inspired him. Four years later, he followed the man’s path. Don’t expect too much.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Final Chess Piece
Author: Hitokiri-san
Summary: AU. When Kenshin enrolled to Tsutoki High in search of a normal life, he didn’t expect serial murders to be part of his schoolife, or to be used as a decisive chess piece in the war of two opposing forces.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Mentors
Author: Unseen Watcher
Summary: Young Kenshin has answered only to two men. What might happen if they met?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: My Brother’s Keeper
Author: Seijitsu
Summary: Oneshot. Uki is getting married, and Outa is growing up. She thinks back on a memory of Sanosuke and realizes she won’t always be able to be there for her brother.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: My Girlfriend Taught Me How to Fight
Author: KC Evans
Summary: AU. Fearing that he was losing his girlfriend, Kenshin was determined to do anything to regain Kaoru’s attention … even if it meant taking kendo lessons. Part II up!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Of Babies and Bats
Author: Wolfish Oro
Summary:Kenshin asks Hiko the question every child asks eventually… and Hiko doesn’t know the stork story. Uhoh…
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Out of Time
Author: SiriusFan13
Summary: COMPLETE! During a trip to Kyoto with his friends, Himura Kenshin winds up in deep water… thirteen years in the past. How will Kenshin deal with the Revolution again? And how will his friends deal with Battousai, who has traded places with him? R&R!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Promises Made
Author: Le’letha
Summary: Kenshin promised…he’d always come back. And nothing will stop him. Nothing. Not even death.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Inner Rurouni
Author: Terry-McElrath
Summary: During the Bakumatsu, before Tomoe. Battousai and Rurouni— the two halves within the same mind. What happens when the Rurouni gets a day out? Will the Ishin Shishi ever view Battousai the same way again? One-shot.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: The Master’s Decision
Author: peppymint
Summary: After due consideration, Hiko decides that Kenshin in far too young to be involved in a war. So, he goes to fetch his wayward pupil.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: The Memory of Trees
Author: bingbing03
Summary: At the end of the Bakumatsu, Himura Kenshin hid his persona as Battousai and sought refuge in an asylum. Ten years later, he meets a free-spirited nurse- Kamiya Kaoru. Will she help him come to terms with himself?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Reason
Author: Becky Tailweaver
Summary: In the dark bloody days of the Bakumatsu, the lone and weary Hitokiri Battousai is sent a single light of the future. This gift may give him the hope and heart he needs to survive the war – but only if the teenage manslayer can handle the responsibility!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Substitute
Author: amamiya
Summary: “What the hell were you thinking, hiring… the Hitokiri Battousai as… a schoolteacher!” A humour fic shamelessly influenced by Great Teacher Onizuka. Read at your own peril.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Zaibatsu Project
Author: Nekotsuki
Summary: In the year 2029, modern day street samurai and brilliant programmer Himura Kenshin returns to the ugly world of street politics and corporate war in an effort to help an unconventional hacker find her brother. Influenced by Cyberpunk 2020. Definitely AU.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Ties of Loyalty
Author:Unseen Watcher
Summary:  No one messes with Hiko Seijurou the 13th. All of Japan knows that. Too bad they didn’t tell the foreigners. Hiko’s hurt. Kenshin’s torqued. Rating raised for maimings and body count. FINISHED! Whee! It’s a Miracle! [slight correction]
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Touched
Author: Titan of Saturn
Summary: AU – Kenshin, Touched by the Hitokiri named Battousai, and his Sekihotai partner Sanosuke battle the supernatural. But when Sano starts blacking out, and strange things begin to occur around him, he wonders if he is really as human as he thinks.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: To Vanquish A Demon
Author: Marie Nomad
Summary: Kenshin and Kaoru have trouble finding a priest for the wedding so Yahiko found one. Unfortunately, this priest believes Kenshin is a real demon and will stop at nothing to vanquish him forever. Can Kenshin survive the garlic and a demon hunting chicken?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Walk Through the Valley
Author: Vathara
Summary: Times and technology may change. People don’t. AU, Hiko POV.
Rated: Fiction T

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