So I do write fanfiction sometimes, but since I’ve been trying to focus on my own works [unsuccessfully] I have quite a few little plot bunnies that are taking over my computer’s sticky notes. I’m putting them here so in the unlikely hopes that someone will read them, take them, and run with them. [Also so my sticky notes won’t completely eradicate the front of my computer] If you do take one, could you let me know so I can read it?


  1. Ichigo is a Vasto Lorde, who doesn’t like the foreign arrancar created by Aizen, even Grimmjow who he hunted with he views as traitorous so he fights to remove the arrancar as seen in Jupie18’s bleach savages parody
  2. The Vizard are literally the Forgotten and/or Faceless
    Anyone who knew them in life [Ichigo] or as a Shinigami forgets everything about them after they become Vizard. Literally the Gotei 13 think the Vizard are Hollows like Aaronario, hollows who have taken the appearance and powers of the Shinigami they killed-themselves. Can Ichigo help the Vizard as he himself tries to prove that he is not the Hollow that devoured himself? Inspired by an AMV
  3. Ichigo is a Dark Lord of another universe (any Dark Lord: Sauron, Voldemort, Dirk Lloyd, etc.)
  4. The Shiba clan was huge, but was destroyed thanks to Aizen, but Kaien survived and swore vengeance on the Gotei 13.


  1. Harry Potter + NCIS: Ducky used to go by another name-Harry Potter.

Detective Conan and Magic Kaito

  1. Conan is actually the time traveling son of Shinichi and Ran trying to ensure they get together, Shinichi was poisoned by the poison and it’s actually a disease that’s killing him and/or the Black Organization succesfully killed Shinichi or Rin and Conan’s gone back to the beginning of the mess to ensure it doesn’t happen? [I totally blame Back to the Future day for this idea.]
  2. Shinichi actually died that night and Conan is a medium that allows him to interact with the world. OR Conan is a golem created for Shinichi to manipulate by Akako who did it because she saw that he was going to be needed for some reason.
  3. What if Shinichi, Kaito, Conan, and the Phantom Thief were all just personalities of one of them with DID?
  4. What if Toichi survived and was still looking for Pandora as Kaitou Kid while still hiding it from Kaito; meanwhile someone challenges Kaito to prove that he’s a better magician than Kaitou Kid. His magician’s pride at stake, Kaito vows to ‘destroy’ Kid, and Toichi vs. Kaito begins. Meanwhile Yuusaku just laughs at Toichi’s conundrum.
  5. What if a vampire (maybe Vermouth) who was a fan of Shinichi and also wanted a child decided to turn Shinichi making him Vampire!Conan?


  1. What if young Kakashi used Kage Bunshin to deal with his psychological issue by killing them?
  2. What if the Uchiha’s Sharingan makes them more prone to PTSD; and they are aware of this and actually try to make sure the people with it are taken care of properly?\\\\


What if Sakyo was a time-traveling human Yuusuke from an alternate universe where he ended up similar to Sensui thanks to Koenma never getting the chance to overthrow Enma?
And the whole saving Chizuru thing was because this was the sister of one of his best friends.