Update 1 April

Urgh. I did not mean to do an update on April 1st, but don’t worry this isn’t a prank post.

So, my plans to move to the Republic of Korea did not pan out.

That’s a very short way to say that I didn’t get my paperwork in order before COVID-19, which considering someone else I know doing similar in Bulgaria ended up being sent home, it works out, I guess?

So, I’m still working in fast food right now. Who would’ve ever guessed we would be considered essential workers right along with health care workers, huh? I’m still feeling pretty salty about that.

I’m currently trying to organize my paperwork so I can teach online, instead, especially since I live with my parents who are both over 60, I really don’t want to be the one that brings COVID-19 to them. (It doesn’t help that my boss’s attempt to keep everyone from panicking about it is to try to downplay the seriousness of this disease.)

I’m hoping that I will get to work on this site a bit more once I get everything figured out.

I am currently also being sidetracked by a series that I recently discovered that has three adaptions from the original novel: a comic, an animated show, and a live action series! I’m not a big fan of BL. I read it occasionally, and I will admit to a few slash ships I find to tend to have very good writers. But I don’t often go for BL stories as they all too often tend to focus on smut. However, I am fond of wuxia when I can follow it. Sometimes they just get so involved in the cultivation I cannot follow what’s happening in it anymore.  So, I use Mangadex to find new comics to read, and I came across this one that looked like wuxia. It was BL, but I really wanted something to read and it looked like it might be funny and so I decided to give it a read……
Then I HAD to read the novel. Then I HAD to watch the animated series. When I finish it, I HAVE to watch the live action series.
I went in for the wuxia and fell in love with the characters, the setting, the plot, all of it, [except maybe those chapters where the main ship got together{I really just find smut annoying most of the time} still the “everyday” thing was so ridiculously in character].

It was an absolutely stunning universe. I did not expect myself to fall in love with Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation so much. I’m really grateful https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/ decided to translate the novel. It’s really good. No, it’s not just good. It’s absolutely beautiful.


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