Hikaru No Go


Title: A curious visitor
Author:  Ontogenesis
Summary: As Touya Kouyou nears the end of his life, he makes an unusual acquaintance. Blind Go Round 10 entry.
Status: Oneshot

Title: An Early Meeting
Author:  Lucillia
Summary: Sai meets Hikaru at a much earlier date. All he wants to do is play Go. However, he’s going to have to earn his keep if he doesn’t want the Shindo family to arrange for him to be exorcised. Features Babysitter!Sai.
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Seems to be complete?
Opinion: This is hilarious. Read it!

Title: A Second Chance
Author: pyrofreeze
Summary: AU. Shindo Hikaru had talent; there was no doubting that. All he had to do was find it. And with a very real, but paralyzed Sai, such a goal doesn’t seem so impossible…but it’ll be far from easy.
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: WIP/hiatus? last updated chapter 15 2008

Title: Caught In A Ladder
Author: Sinnatious
Summary: A chance encounter with Ogata and a slip of the tongue turns Hikaru into a victim of Sai’s success. What is he supposed to do when even the truth won’t save him?
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Complete
Opinion: Really well done with the emotions and will definitely keep you on the edge.

Title: Confluence
Author: Lacygrey
Summary: In which Sai is saved from drowning by a passing peasant…
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Complete

Title: Five Scenes Over a Goban
Author:  opalish
Summary: Ichikawa laughs until she chokes, and Akira suddenly understands why Shindo spends so much of his time yelling at people to stop hitting him already. Slight HikaruAkira.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: Pretty good, really don’t see the HikaruAkira unless the author means friendship.

Title: For the Love of Go
Author: TsumetaiYuuki
Summary: Two years after Shindou Hikaru disappeared from the world’s view for reasons unknown to most, he expected a visit from a dear friend. What he did not expect was the appearance of a long lost friend, and subsequently being dragged back into the world he ran away from.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Fujiwara
Author: Catwho
Summary: Be careful what you wish for! Hikaru is knocked back in time to the Heian court when he is called to avenge Sai. NON-ROMANCE.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Complete
Opinion: Bit weird, but it’s nice how it provides a bit of closure for Shindo that I don’t really feel we really see in the manga.

Title: Ghost
Author: misha2
Summary: With encouragement from his father, Akira decides to test the strength of the new beginner dan Shindo Hikaru.
Rated: Fiction K
Status: Oneshot

Title: Hands’ Meaning
Author: Mede
Summary: Akira wanted a rival. In walked Shindou Hikaru, abrupt, abrasive, brilliant… and refusing to care. Not everyone’s life is a game.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Complete

Title: Ikigai
Author: brokenly yours
Summary: “There are even things I cannot do”, Kami-sama admitted. Even Gods cannot tamper with the strings of fate. He might not be able to send Hikaru back in time, but he can give him another chance to be with Sai. In another world. In another timeline. It is up to Hikaru to take that chance though, after all, fate favors the fearless. A/U.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: WIP

Title: In the Dark
Author: Tw1n Rabb1t
Summary: Shindo Hikaru didn’t think there would come a time in his life when he would ever play a board game- blindness did have a way of robbing people of normal, seemingly mundane little things like that. So of course, at six years old, he’s skeptical when a ghost named Fujiwara no Sai believes he can change all that with his grandpa’s favorite passtime. Blind!Hikaru.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Ishi no Shita :: Under the Stones
Author: Murinae
Summary: There are some games you can win. There are some games you must lose. And there are fathers and sons.
Rated: Fiction K
Status: Oneshot

Title: Live and learn, or die and teach
Author: mira mirth
Summary:  An AU in which Sai has a passion for teaching go rather than playing it, Shindou befriends terrifying Koreans, and Touya wonders how this became his life.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Myoshu
Author: returquoise
Summary: An unexpected member of the audience in the Hokuto Cup reveals the truth behind Shindō Hikaru’s Go skills. Oneshot, Takes place in May 2002
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: My Stranger, My Son
Author:  Betula
Summary: Hikaru’s father, on the subject of his son
Rated: Fiction K
Status: Oneshot

Title: Phantom Hands
Author: Lector Dominion
Summary:  You didn’t need to play in person for you to be recognized. Shindou Hikaru may not have played anyone personally, but he still left his own mark in the Go community, and possibly even the whole world. And as usual, with Sai’s phantom hands guiding him. Inspired by Amaranthais fic titled ‘Lively Shadows’
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Reconciliations
Author: Coryx
Summary: Hikaru is, after all, human. After his death, he meets Sai again. Now, he has to explain Sai to the soon-to-be-arriving others. Parental Sai and Hikaru fluff.
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Twoshot

Title: Sai’s Rebirth: The Shindou Life
Author: Tsukikage Hoshiko
Summary: SEQUEL TO SAI’S SHADOW. Being reborn as Shindou Hikaru’s little brother isn’t easy. Having both a prodigy older brother, and a past life, can Sai live up to those expectations? Or will his rebirth leave him a shadow of himself?
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Sai no Go: The Ghost Child
Author: Rboooks
Summary: Sai Fujiwara was in desperate need of money, luckily he meets a ghost trapped in a goban that can help him. All Hikaru Shindou wants to do is play the hand of God then rest in peace and Sai doesn’t have the heart to tell him he can’t. Following the boy’s instructions the world of Go is about to change by a fresh out college long haired teacher who is too kind for his own good.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Schizophrenia
Author: buduica
Summary: Hikaru hears voices in his head. His family tries to make him cope.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: Angst take on what could have happened.

Title: Split Hack
Author: Felicity Dream
Summary: Hikaru was turned to the hacker world at an early age. Haunted by Sai, she reluctantly integrates Go into her carefully crafted world. Of course, she uses multiple personalities as an excuse to everyone else, seeing as how she has the bad habit of being a con artist. She was starting to think she was becoming a chronic pathological liar. Genderbent AU Project.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: WIP?

Author: Amber-and-Ash
Summary: Shindou has never been in favour of boring clothing, and never cared much for proper behaviour. A small joke has unexpected consequences.
Rated: Fiction K
Opinion: Quite funny, this is actually in my favorites list.
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