An update, yay, I’m still alive! Boo, I may not be doing much here.

Okay, wow. So much has changed for me since the last time I posted. I’d wager alot has changed for many of us these past couple of years though.

So I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning to be a freelancing proofreader and ebay seller…. Let’s just say that plan didn’t go so well for me. I had a six month period of time where I wasn’t really making any money beyond a few bucks from selling manga on ebay. Then a six month period where I was getting a few interviews for full time proofreader jobs but not landing a job, and working a transcription job that uhh… was definitely paying less than minimum wage.

So as I saw my savings dry up and my health insurance costs spike- I learned some really frustrating facts about the US healthcare system that still make me angry if I think about them too long- I started deciding I wanted a job that will let me work anywhere and in any country. And it turns out, the best option for that is in Information Technology. So while I tried to figure out if I wanted to risk going into debt for a boot camp or try learning on my own I went back into fast food management when someone I was asking for a reference offered me higher pay if I’d come back for a few months till I got the full-time job I was looking for. I did, and quickly remembered why I’d left, but that enabled me to have money until I landed an apprenticeship style job that put me in a low code developer job. Which unfortunately doesn’t give me the knowledge I need to jump into a job that is available anywhere but does give me more options than the fast food job was giving. I’ve got my foot in the door in tech and now I’ve just got to swing over to the high code jobs. I also had to move because the job I now work requires you to be near a specific office as we’re technically hybrid workers, regardless of whether or not we work with people in completely different offices or not.

So yeah, thanks to the massive upheaval that’s been going on, I haven’t actually been upkeeping this site this past year. And I probably will only be doing a little bit of upkeep this year as well.

I’ve learned UiPath, and the Power Platform. A little bit of programming language. Bascially enough to build little software bots, mostly ones that incorporate Excel. And while those might be enough to get me jobs, they may not be enough to get me jobs in many other countries, as those programs are pretty niche parts of IT right now.

As I’m currently trying to learn enough to move into a developer role that is more common, my focus won’t be much on this site. I do want to continue fixing the non AO3 fic recs for MDZS so that that tumblr sideblog and this site are mirrored, and I may see if I have to do any projects involving websites for my learning if I can incorporate it here. Come to think of it, a bot that can check my tumblr and format the stuff there to here… But yeah, unfortunately, even though my lists of fic recs not published here are still pretty long[again], I don’t know how much attention I’ll be putting here.

I’ve also started actually putting stuff up on my Youtube channel, right now, I mostly do Youtube Shorts of my cats, but I’ve got many not exactly fandom ideas I’d like to do with my channel, including some reactions to websites I used to play on.

So yeah, I still plan on working on this site, but it may be as ever, fairly slow and tedious coming from me.

But I’m excited about the year to come.

Happy 2023!


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