Various Crossovers

Avengers + D. Gray Man

Title: Cosmic Composite
Author: liketolaugh
Summary: With the entry of metahumans into the public sphere, the fight for basic human rights has begun, and there’s more than one interested party. This is the world that the exorcists are reborn into, as the newest members of the Marvel Universe and the next generation. And things are about to get much more complicated. (Eventual canon divergence. Also includes Agents of SHIELD.)
Rated: Fiction T
Opinion: Has it owns fanfiction-Cracks in Universe

Avengers + Guardians of the Galaxy 

Title: Detonation Imminent
Author: Kairos Impending
Summary: Peter’s trying to figure out how to be a leader. He decides that breaking into the Avengers’ base of operations is a good place to start.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Complete

Bleach + Death Note

Title: Believe in Angels
Author: rurousha
Summary: Over twenty years before the appearance of Kira, L meets a shinigami. Death Note x Bleach crossover. Complete two-shot.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Death gods and Detectives
Author: Elandil
Summary: Surely after saving Rukia the substitute team would have at least a small chance of a normal life? Not likely. Now Ichigo and his squad must face their most dangerous mission of all, University in the mortal world… no, wait, its Kira. How will Ichigo cope when he joins the investigation team, but as a suspect? Challenge response for: ilov2laflol
Rated: Fiction T

Buffy X-overs

Title: Jedi Harris
Author: The Dark Scribbler
Summary: Xander goes for a rather different costume at Halloween. May the force be with him? Chapter 28 is here.
Rated: Fiction K+
Sequel: The Terran Jedi

Doctor Who + Young Justice

Title: Cuckoo
Author: TwinEnigma
Summary: Some birds are known to camouflage themselves among the young of another species. Time Lords are very similar in this respect, as Robin learns. Doctor Who crossover.
Rated: Fiction T



Naruto + Bleach

Title: Being Urahara Kisuke
Author: ZeroTheDestroyer
Summary: Urahara Kisuke is what stands between salvation and the complete and utter destruction of Soul Society. Yet there is a problem. Kisuke died when he tried to save a Hollow boy. Ever since the boy he saved has been pretending to be him.
Rated: Fiction T

Naruto + Onepiece

Title: Burning All the Bridges
Author: fingers-falling-upwards
Summary: After failing his life goal and being forced into a new life he never wanted to live, Sasuke as Ace finds new meaning in an annoying seven-year-old named Luffy. Fast forward ten years; Sasuke faces a new struggle against some old faces. Will he be able to keep Luffy safe? Or will he lose his brother to the manipulative hands of his enemies?
Rated: Fiction T

Rurouni Kenshin + Naruto

Title: Blood and Steel
Author: Dsiel
Summary: On the surface, it had been an innocuous solo mission into uncharted territory, but now Kakashi was horribly, horribly lost… Cannon pairings. Rated T for mild innuendos and violence.
Rated: Fiction T

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