Update including a short discussion of a serious topic which I am once again purposefully vague about

Alright! So, once again. Not dead not sick not abandoning the site! I’m currently in the process of trying to set up my life as a work at home editor/proofreader plus ebay seller and in my free time got sucked into the danmei fandoms on tumblr really hard so I haven’t been focusing as much on this site. I plan to come back to this and do some reworking on the site, and also I recently discovered that you can make a Ton of sideblogs on Tumblr so I may begin mirroring this site on Tumblr sideblogs. We’ll see.

As you may have noticed if you have seen the post that’s been circulating on tumblr for over a year now, there have been a lot of concerns about fanfiction.net and the fact that the owners of ff.net seem to be abandoning the site in favor of their original works site fictionpress.com. In fact if you have work currently only on ff.net I would like to make a heavy recommendation to you to go ahead and crosspost it to Archive of Our Own if you have that capability [If not I recommend you ensure your work is copied somewhere just in case ff.net does go down in the next few years like we are expecting]. If you do not have an AO3 account and don’t want to wait a few months for the invite request just let me know! I never use my invites so I’d be happy to send you one!

And while on the subject of contacting me, I’ve been having some issues with the fact that I simply have too many outlook email addresses and it’s become extraordinarily clunky to go through them. So I have dedicated a new email specifically for all my fandom things and that’s elijahdnorth@protonmail.com. If you want to get in touch with me about all things fandom that’s the best place to go aside from tumblr these days.

So! I mentioned that I need to rework a few things on the site. No need for alarm, the site isn’t going to massively change. I just plan on going over each fandom page and checking all the links to make sure I haven’t ended up with a lot of bad links and also trying to see how many of the fanfics are crossposted elsewhere. Most of the links on this site up to a certain point in time are ff.net links so I’d like to see if I can find them elsewhere for the eventual death of ff.net.

Another reason I’d like to go back and just check over the site is that I began this site a long time ago, and I have learned a lot over the period of time since then, and there are certain attitudes that I was raised with that I tried to be very vague about when I started the site because I was beginning to realize they weren’t acceptable, but took a few years to just realize how wrong they were. And I’d like to go over the site and ensure that even in the vagueness I used to use those attitudes aren’t left on my site. I’m very grateful fanfiction exists because it really helped me see the hatred I was steeped in. So I want to make this site a better place.

Anyway, sorry about getting super serious on you. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me working on this site in the future.

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