Small edit update


Alright, the Bleach Link Dump is all placed into Title, Author, Summaries. The page is still disorganized but the only link standing by itself is one for someone else’s rec page that I really enjoyed.

I think I will be moving on to the Mo Dao Zu Shi page now.


I decided to go ahead and start a Ko-fi page here in case anyone feels like motivating me to work even more on the rec pages or help pay for the web cost. If you follow me on Tumblr you probably have an idea of why I decided to go with this longshot. heh. I’m struggling a bit, and working on this blog makes me feel like I’m doing something without the need to go punch things. But unfortunately, this is a fan site and does not pay my bills. So. yeah.

If you like any of the fic recs feel free to shoot me up with a comment! I’d love to know more about the folks that stop by, especially since right now I’m only getting spam comments and the occasional Rule 34 mention.


yeah. even just a hey I like this particular fandom the most!.


have a freaking great day!


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