News (Exciting! …and Not[because I ramble])

Hello! So, in wonderful news, I have officially received my diploma in the mail. I am now bonafide certified as a Bachelor of Arts, English. Woot woot! That means that I will now actually have time to work on this site!

Of course, that means that in just the past few days when I was relaxing over not being in school anymore, I managed to accumulate a good number of stories that I enjoyed. So the pages will be getting more recommendations added to them

In less interesting news, I have been contemplating the decision to stop using a pen name and just go by my real name on here.  My plan is to get a certification for teaching English as a foreign language, and hopefully get a job in either South Korea or Japan. I have been thinking about putting that on a blog, and hey this one’s here, but then again, this is my space for enjoyable fanfiction stories.

Also, the only reason I even use a pen name online is because when I was growing up, MySpace was in that stage where everyone knew it wasn’t a good place to put your stuff, because the whole world could see it! (le gasp) Looking back on that attitude that I remember hearing so much, I find it so very ironic. I think part of it was also because I live in a semi-rural area, so much was made of the idea of the online stranger danger. “Don’t put yourself in a position where that person can find you in real life.” This really makes me wonder if children in school still get those lectures. I mean, I know really little kids who have Facebook accounts; do they get to hear those lectures about not telling strangers how to find them, or is there some weird absorption thing where kids just know these things, like how you hand a two year old a phone, and they can unlock it in a few seconds? The previous sentence was really long, really weird, and needs editing.

Also, there was also the fun of figuring out a pen name. D’North is a pun. It is a very stupid pun that makes very little sense, but I liked it. I’m from the southern part of the United States, so I am very much not from the north, or of the north. However, my middle name is a derivative of a name that means “Man from the north.” My mother and grandfather also have that name, so the name is quite traditional.  Also, in one of Brian Jacques’s Redwall books, there is an otter tribe that were called NORT, which is short for something I can no longer recall. I was very fond of those characters at the time I was attempting to devise a new pseudonym as I had realized my previous one had romantic connotations that made me sound lovesick, and as an ace decided I was not standing for that. I was just going to go with D’Nort but then googled it so as to prevent any unfortunate connotations with it. After being relieved I had checked the urban dictionary, I decided to go with North as it had connections to my name.

I think I may keep using D’North after all. I am quite fond of my middle name due to its familial connection, and I think I can still have fun with it for now.

Anyway, I will be editing once more, and guess what? I am on a Star Wars kick again. I have grown overly fond of Vader redemption fics, especially those that include characters such as Piett and Veers.  I am also attempting to write my own works again, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, Elijah D’North, B.A. signing off.

Does it count putting the B.A. up if it’s your pseudonym?

Oh well, Elijah D’North, signing off.

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