Hello. First about me: My penname is Elijah D’North. I occasionally also post as frodalulz when I’m feeling too lazy to log in to the various sites I use. I’m an English major student. Due to health issues I’ve been out of school for a few years, finally started back last year. I’m pretty lazy: I have over 56 plot ideas for different books, but none of them are more than halfway done. When I actually share the fanfiction I’ve written I post it over on my page on FF.net and some of my poems over at fictionpress.

About the blog: This blog is not really a blog, honestly. I adore reading, and over the years since I first discovered online fanfiction, have found myself desiring a list of the stories that I enjoyed most. So I decided to create a ‘rec’ list both for myself and whoever happens to stumble upon it. This is where I’m keeping that list. My Home page has a list of what I eventually hope to have all up in the original post. I will probably work on these lists for the rest of my life. If you stumble across this and find something you enjoy I’m glad. If you know of a story not in my lists that you enjoy feel free to recommend it to me. I’m always looking for something to read…[looks guiltily at the 600 books on the Kindle app] most especially fanfiction. If you think something on my lists shouldn’t be there (horrible quality, old link, etc.) point it out. Some fics I read, bookmark, put up here, and forget about why I bookmarked them.

Enjoy your exploration of the written worlds!