Title: B-Arking Up the Wrong Hometree
Author: Qoheleth
Summary: You know the one question you wanted to ask all through the movie, right? Well, what if it didn’t actually have an answer?
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Broken People
Author: Tajjas
Summary: The Sky People’s technology helps to save Tsu’tey after the battle, but he isn’t quite sure what to think of the broken Sky Person in the wheeled chair that keeps coming to visit him while he’s recovering. Friendship fic, AU for obvious reasons.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Hidden In The Grass
Author: Tswayonyu
Summary: Jake’s avatar makes a trip to the link shack to deliver a message from the clan to Grace and Norm. Jake decides to pull a little prank on his unsuspecting friends.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Mercenary
Author: Devony V
Summary: Jake Sully had family; family that he’d left behind in the hope that he would return to Earth one day. He hadn’t forgotten about her, and she hadn’t forgotten him- but the RDA has just found her. *Rated for language and violence.
Rated: Fiction M