Boku No Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia

Please be aware that a majority of these stories do not have the ratings on them on this page, so when you leave to read them, please pay attention to them.

Title: Adjusting the focus
Author: YepTheRebel
Summary: Izuku really hadn’t meant for it to turn it out like this. He hadn’t. He doesn’t even know how it turned out like this. But, well, it had, and he didn’t really have an option but to go with the flow and try for a second time. Or the AU where Izuku accidently travels back in time and creates chaos with every step he sets but he still manages to keep it together. Kind off.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Matter of Perspective
Summary:  When six-year-old Midoriya Izuku is kidnapped right out of his own front yard, it takes four years for them to find him again. But the boy that comes back isn’t the sweet, cheerful boy that was taken. This boy is hurt and broken, and All Might finds he can’t bring himself to let go. (Or alternatively, the AU where All For One ****** up and chose Izuku as his protégé instead of Shigaraki Tomura.)

Title: Aphelion
Author: ForgedObsidian
Summary: Izuku has been kidnapped by All For One, for reasons the young boy doesn’t understand. He is forced to stay at a rundown facility, surrounded by villains and, for all he knows, completely without help. In-between his attempts to escape or learn why he has been stolen, the young boy spends his time with a near-comatose man who seems strangely familiar.
Opinion: Very good writing, the author is keeping me on the edge of my seat; I am so worried about what’s going to happen in this story!

Title: Brink of Death
Summary: Izuku doesn’t push the hatred aside so easily, and the initial changes are small, but they butterfly out into a very different world.
Opinion: Quite interesting, although I’m not a big fan of “Izuku has a quirk, but not one anyone knew about” fics, this one worked really well. I like that the author is bringing how the quirkless and people-with-useless/villainous-quirks treatment into play in the story.

Title: Conversations with a Cryptid
Author: AMournfulHowlInTheNight
Summary: The man was over a century old. There had to be more to it. In hindsight, it hadn’t been one of Izuku’s better ideas.
Opinion: This is hands down one of the most brilliant fics I have ever read. I love that the author does not abandon the analytical nature Izuku shows in the manga and in fact turns it up a notch. The treatment of the possibilities for All-for-One’s background is amazing. I don’t think I can go more on the greatness of this story without spoiling one part of it, but it is brilliant and I am so looking forward to more. If you read only one fic from this page, it should be this one.

Series Title: Father Almighty
First Story Title: Family Only
Author: Wet_Diamonds
Summary: It was just a little white lie to get past the restricted access. Wasn’t it?
Sequel: Just For Example
Summary: Yuuei has a mandatory class dedicated to covering policies about students working as side kicks. All Might has a little too much fun teaching it.
Sequel: Life Could Be A Dream
Summary: All Might is given the task to protect his protege. Nedzu has no intentions of letting either of them off lightly for their undercover roles.(A/N: Set after the end of term exam) EDIT: On indefinite hiatus
Opinion: This series is absolutely adorable. It’s Dad Might and cute as anything. I was especially enjoying the interactions in the last part as it was showing the two around other people before the big revelation of All Might’s true form. I hope at some point the author continues it.

Title: For the Son
Author: Too_Many_Usernames
Summary: The world had had enough of him – or was it he’d had enough of the world?And then he met Izuku. And his carefully planned last few years crumpled before his eyes. He had to live. For his protégé, who would save people with a smile that was genuine, like his once had been. He’d live for the boy who would take the world by storm, and be a better symbol than he ever was – a symbol for hope, so stronger than his enforced peace. He’s everything All Might was supposed to be and more. For his son, he had to live.

Title: If I’m losing again, quiet me down 
Author:  Sevi007
Summary: Izuku could face down a killer to save his friend. He could smile through his fear. He could reassure his mother and his friends, smile for them, joke for them, even though he was tired and hurting. But he could never, ever lie to his mentor. (When Izuku breaks, All Might is there to pick up the pieces with him.)
Opinion: It actually makes a lot of sense that a mass text might create a problem of people going, “What’s going on?!”

Title: One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes)
Author: AthanatosOra
Summary: “Deku” is a hero whose strength seems limitless, with a quirk to topple mountains and the most powerful of foes. He is a symbol of peace, and carries the wishes of lost friends and the legacy of a past mentor on his shoulders. But Midoriya Izuku is also a quirkless boy of eleven years, with the name “Deku” being nothing more than a juvenile insult. Time and place don’t really matter though—because regardless of what he appears to be, he knows exactly what he fights for.
Opinion: The time travel fic I didn’t know I needed until I read it, I quite enjoyed this. Although it is a little odd that the author thinks kids cannot start weight training until they’re thirteen when it was my understanding that kids can start when they are seven or eight as long as they don’t overdo it….I suppose you could explain it as Toshinori being overcautious with a possibly overeager kid…Anyway! It’s really worth the read.

Title: Our dead are never dead to us
Author: Sevi007
Summary:  He was slipping, dying. Perhaps it would be a relief – no more pain, no more hate. He couldn’t get revenge on him, though… (The moment All Might dies, he is gently forced to remember something very important.
He can’t die yet.)

Title: Parent-Teacher Meetings
Author: Quirkless
Summary: At first Inko Midoriya had been surprised by the notion of All Might bothering to travel to her home, in person, to give weekly updates on Izuku’s progress. “Isn’t that something teachers usually write in an email?!” were her exact words, after she recovered from dropping the phone. Meanwhile, Toshinori Yagi finds that fulfilling this new mission might end up being more deeply personal an affair than he expected…

Title: Regrets™: Yagi Toshinori Rendition 
Author: Hayato (FoxofPerdition)
Summary: Toshinori meant to catch the villain, not be caught by his Quirk.
He guessed this was his life now. At least he had feet.
Opinion: This is the second villain-with-an-animal transformation-quirk fic I have come across. I enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing what happens.

Title: Shoes
Author: Swiftwidget
Summary:  Toshinori is given a pair of shoes that fit. What does it mean to be a father when the child isn’t your own? How does it feel to slowly fall for his successor’s mother?Hisashi Midoriya is finally released from prison. Why did everyone and everything change while he was locked up? Where can he run when his old life comes back to haunt him? Both Toshinori and Hisashi try to figure out their place in Inko and Izuku’s lives. Family is never easy.

Title: Something Like a Star
Author: realisticallycynical
Summary:  “An empathy quirk, huh?” It’s clearly a hypothetical question, though the monotone way he says it makes it sound more like a statement. “Unusual, but it explains why you’re up here.” There is… so much about that statement that doesn’t make sense.

Title: The Probability Of An Ideal Ending Is Statistically Close To Zero, But Still Technically Possible
Summary: Izuku doesn’t care to fight. He’s accepted the reality that being quirkless isn’t possible in the field of heroism. Izuku doesn’t care to fight. But he can’t seem to change the part of him that obsesses over heroes and analyzes every move they make. He gains recognition online as user ALLMIGHTFAN3001 from users with good and bad intentions – users who seem interested in some random blogger who has the knowledge to topple heroes from their pedestals.
Sequel: This Must Be A Narrow Confidence Interval
Summary:  Life goes on, even for quirkless Izuku. And for the most part, it’s good. But while working for UA, Izuku starts to notice some alarming trends in heroism statistics. Life goes on, and now it’s resting on the precipice of another turning point. Sequel to “The Probability Of An Ideal Ending…” where Izuku challenges the League of Villains.

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