Non-AO3 Recs

Mojoflower mentioned that we have an opening for collections of recs of non-AO3 fics in The Untamed/CQL/MDZS fandom, so I’ve decided to open a page for them here. If you know of fics that are located off AO3, send their location to me, and I’ll list them here!

The Renouncement verse by stiltonbasket on Tumblr. The link provided leads to their masterpost. A summary stiltonbasket provided on one of their posts: “The renouncement verse is an AU of the TMAAF [Twelve Moons And a Fortnight currently on AO3] verse, in which Jiang Cheng both a) did not like the idea of wangxian living together long-term before making it official and b) was able to get Lanling under control much faster, so he comes home and arranges the Wangxian wedding with LXC as soon as he can.”