Sherlock Holmes

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I’m not putting this in a category since although it started off as a newspaper/magazine serial it’s been almost every media since.

Series: Dragon!John
Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Titles:  Dragonkind and Diplomatic Nightmare
Summaries: The thing that made it so easy to hide was that everyone knew what dragons were supposed to be like. John heard people wonder about Sherlock sometimes, sending him slanting, speculative glances, as they questioned his lineage. But John Watson, who was steady, reliable, even-tempered? He slid right under their radar, just another average human being in a world full of them. AND


Sherlock was all smug glee as he walked in, and Mycroft sighed inwardly, and wondered what his brother thought to gloat over this time.


Ratings : M and T

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