Title: aether above
Author: kurgaya
Summary: Angst, canonical character death, implied/referenced child abuse – trans!Zoro – Girls can be swordsman, and Kuina is, and she will be, and Zahra is not – he’s not, god he’s not.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Android
Author: Anjelle
Summary: An android is found abandoned, and Sabo takes it upon himself to house and repair it, and replace the internal battery. However, it’s his brother who’s there when it finally wakes.
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: Odd but neat little AU fluff.

Title: A Song for the Heartsore and War-Weary
Author: gestaltwithluck
Summary: “Sorry, Ace,” Marco murmured to himself as he riffled through the stack of old newspapers. “I don’t know how it happened, but… I think I’m stalking your little brother.”
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Brotherly Bonds
Author: Reign of Rayne
Summary: If there were any logical explanations for why he had woken up on Dawn Island with two achingly familiar faces leaning over him when he was supposed to be dead with a hole through his chest, Ace would’ve loved to hear them. In other news, the afterlife was apparently flammable.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: Complete
Opinion: Regin of Rayne writes really good time travel fics.

Title: Come Morning, Together Again
Author: mapplepie
Summary: One day, Ace woke up and decided shirts were overrated. Apparently it was contagious, because Luffy soon thought the same. Sabo just hoped he didn’t catch whatever it was that was going around (but he does in the end, and he couldn’t be happier). Time-travel.
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: Really nice time travel fic. And funny.

Title: Fishbowl
Author: Taisi
Summary: “You’re not real,” their baby brother insists adamantly for the fifth time, and Ace and Sabo share a look of actual distress; because Luffy is staring at them blankly, as if they should know very well they don’t exist. (In which there’s a trap and a fantasy, and physics are casually destroyed in the name of Luffy.)
Rated: Fiction K+
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: Good. Sad-ish but good.

Title: He Comes for Us All
Author: X-parrot
Summary: But there are exceptions to every rule. Not, in fact, a death fic.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Inanition
Author: Taisi
Summary: in·a·ni·tion, noun; lack of mental or spiritual vigor and enthusiasm; exhaustion caused by lack of nourishment. (In which Luffy’s metabolism is faster than his doctor understands.)
Rated: Fiction T


Title: The First Mate
Author: chibikaty
Summary: It’s the job of the captain to pick the crew, and the duty of the first mate to test them for worthiness. How Zoro came to accept each of the straw hats as nakama.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: The Parting Gift
Author: wine.and.sun
Summary: It must be a kind of madness, Kuma decides, that drives these children to take turns vying for death. Sabaody Archipelago arc spoilers.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: The Quest for the Gomu Gomu no Mi
Author: Clarobell
Summary: Revised & rewritten. After being captured by enemy pirates, Luffy wakes up to find his devil fruit powers gone. Can he continue to be a pirate without them? Can he ever get them back? Will he want to? What about his crew? Read to find out! Ch12 up
Rated: Fiction T

Title: What Doesn’t Kill You
Author:  Fayah
Summary: A few careless drunken words from Ace sets off a government investigation on Dawn Island that throw’s Luffy’s plans to set sail in two years for an unexpected detour.
Rated: Fiction T
Status: WIP, probably not going to continue
Opinion: An interesting AU that for 3 chapters went into what would happen if Akainu got curious about Dawn Island.