Yu Wo’s works

Yu Wo is an incredible author. To read translations of her works go to Odd SquadPrince Revolution, and Japtem where some very awesome people make them available.  This is the page for fanfiction people have written for her works.

1/2 Prince Fanfiction

Title: All For A Truffle
Author: sinister banana
Summary: Oneshot. In which the age-old question is answered – what exactly would Prince do for a chocolate truffle? Alternate Ending now posted! —PrincexGui
Rated: Fiction T
Opinion: Hilarious and the alternate ending/chapter 2 is a sort of reveal fic.

Title: Changes
Author: Dark Ice Dragon
Summary: Kenshin didn’t notice the little changes. But how could he?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Gui’s Question
Author: Ilsasya24
Summary: Gui asks Prince a simple question about his sexuality that ends up being much more complicated than either would have thought. One-shot. Gui/Prince
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Like a Double Edged Dao
Author: torchide
Summary: Twist on V5C1 of the novel. When splitting off from training with XiMen Feng, Prince encounters a giant clam which after some misunderstanding, turns him into a girl! How will Prince revert this curse while keeping his identity a secret from everyone?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Prince For a Day
Author: Ilsasya24
Summary: A glitch causes Second Life players to be logged in as Prince. Can Prince’s friends survive and convince the rest of Second Life that they are Prince? They’ll have to, since the glitch can’t be fixed until Prince logs in again. But where is Prince?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: The Eternal Legend
Author: TheMonsterGirl
Summary: At the final battle of the NPC Rebellion, Prince is faced with the most difficult decision of his life. Spare the Dictator and risk thousands back in real world or put an end to everything then and there? Unable to live with the blood of those innocents on his hands, he makes the difficult decision to leave Second Life forever. Prince is dead, but can Feng Lan really stay away?
Rated: Fiction T

Legend of the Sun Knight Fanfiction

Title: My Friend, the Pope (in-training)
Author: Lucathia Rykatu
Summary: Grisia wasn’t chosen as the Sun Knight. This is the legend of the strongest Pope in all history. AU.
Rated: Fiction T
Opinion: This fic is really cute.