April 8 edits

Salutations! So I created a Buzz Lightyear of Star Command page. I could have sworn I already made one, but I was unable to find it, so there is one up now. Right now it only has works from one author on it because I pulled the stuff off bookmarks and the rest should be in my alerts and favorites on ff.net. I also finally got around to cleaning up the ridiculous link dump I had left on the Fullmetal Alchemist page, as well as adding a few stories to the Noblesse page.

I have noticed that I have a bad habit of not putting ratings on stories from Archive of Our Own, so if ratings are an issue for you, watch out for those. Speaking of the Archive, it’s pretty cool that it got nominated for a Hugo Award. I’m going to have to remember to keep an eye out and see where that goes. I’m also curious if any of the stories I like have been some of the ones nominated, but I haven’t got around to checking into it.

In personal news, I’m officially set to get my TEFL certification, although the class won’t start until next month, so I should have plenty of time to edit Reading Recommedations. Despite my bold statement as of my last blog post, I hadn’t gotten much work done on it. That’s why there are still way too many link dumps up. I’ve not been getting on my desktop much, and I just can’t edit as successfully on my laptop. How does that song go? “Excuses, excuses, you hear them every day.” I’ve found that having a dirty workroom/office is not conducive to wanting to be on my PC. Spring cleaning has begun now so I’ve since ensured that is no longer an issue.

All of that means I should actually get around to editing again, especially since just the little bit I did today reminded me how many great stories out there I should totally reread. Not to mention, I’ve already started another giant list in my bookmarks page again. The Dragon Ball page is going to be a great deal larger soon, as are the Marvel pages.

So, some stuff done, lots more to go.


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