Little Info and a few Discoveries

I think it is absolutely hilarious to hear James Veitch say, “Bonsoir, my golden nugget, bonsoir.” He’s a very enjoyable comedian that I found while watching TedTalks.

So finals week has not yet arrived for me, so I probably won’t be doing much here for the next two weeks, except when I am procrastinating–like right now for instance.

I was previously not aware of the existence of a children’s show called Lazytown. For a kids show, it is weirdly entertaining. Generally when I watch a show intended for much younger audiences I find myself unable to watch more than a few minutes due to disinterest, cheesiness, or just plain disgust.[I’m not a big fan of downgrading quality for younger children. I think it is both lazy and an adult judgment that ignores the fact that children can be just as smart as adults].  Lazytown, however, is actually entertaining. It’s also kind of a funny story how I discovered it. On Youtube, I subscribe to several people who edit songs into nightcore. One of them posted “We Are Number One But It’s Nightcore” I enjoyed it and listened to it a lot. Then one day when I was bored and procrastinating I played the song and it occurred to me to wonder about the very specific lyrics. Banana peels and throwing things seemed awfully specific for a song that I had assumed was for lack of better words ‘just a song about villainy.’ So curious about the context I searched for The Living Tombstone’s version which unknowing, I thought was the original version [I completely missed the gofundme link for ‘Robbie Rotten’ posted in the Youtube details, and was not familiar with The Living Tombstone]. So when I got to that video I was fairly confused but in the search results was a clip of the song as it was in the original episode. “Oh, it’s a show!” This, combined with noticing the gofundme mention in The Living Tombstone’s video resulted in me looking it up. Then I looked up the fandom. Then I looked up how parents felt about the show. These all resulted in me wondering how I’d never come across this show before, and finally I pulled up an episode on Youtube. Ironically, it was the very last episode. I watched it, every minute expecting to be bored out of my skull as normally occurs with young children’s shows and cartoons. Instead I found myself laughing and enjoying it. I don’t know if I’ll end up watching the entire series or not, I’m fairly bad at completely watching entire series of shows I adore, let alone one I was iffy at from the get go, but it definitely deserves a place in my likes. Honestly, depending on how the series goes and considering the episodes I’ve seen so far, I may start pushing my little cousins, niece and nephew toward it.

I was not expecting to devote that many words to Lazytown. In regards to the fandom, I’m not sure if I will post stories from it or not. It’s well filled with apparently devoted shippers. I might do a focus on gen stories or something similar, but for now that probably won’t happen any time soon. I do enjoy the artwork I’ve seen on Tumblr, though.

Also, I can’t remember if I announced it or not, but R.J. Ross released her twentieth book Rise and Shine. I really enjoyed it, again. Also, for a very temporary time, she is selling T-Shirts here. I believe it stops Friday. I ordered myself the Cold Steel shirt.

I suspect when I begin editing, I may start in the Marvel universe, I’ve gotten myself stuck on hurt/comfort Loki stories again, although I think right now the Tony stories may be a bit more prolific.


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