Finals are almost over. Tomorrow my torture continues. Then a few papers and essays. Then I will be back to editing this site. I will probably focus on Yu Yu Hakusho cause I’ve been reading those whenever I have free time and it is way too hard to find non slash fics in this fandoms. Whoever came up with that meme/cartoon where you open a fanfic page and it’s “YAOI YAOI YAOI!” wasn’t far off from the YYH page. But I’ve found quite a few!

I wish more people would write Harry Potter -YYH crossover fics though, or the authors who have started fics would finish them. I’ve found a few enjoyable ones, but it’s rare to find a completed one.

And now I need to sleep and dream of le conditionnel et le futur et l’imparfait et passe compose. Finals….

sAvE mE from the finals!!

ed: looks like I will be working on the Naruto page too, WOW, that page is popular.

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