2/24 (not edits)

Hello. I’ve been away from this site for a bit. So. I haven’t actually done any editing. I am still getting used to being back in school, and as I’m currently trying to keep my grades up so I can join some honors stuff. Unfortunately seven years of not speaking French is not conducive to one’s foreign language credit so I’m struggling a little with that and am going to be focusing on that more than anything. So probably very little editing will be done this semester especially as I will be coming up on mid-terms next week and I am trying to juggle work around school too. I may do a little on spring break, but I have many other things to get done.  It just depends on how it goes, and how much priority I put on it. Also I work on this site more on my PC than my laptop since that has all my bookmarks plus a keyboard that doesn’t stick. So maybe a little editing, maybe no.

In good news! R J Ross just announced on Facebook the release of the next book in the Cape High series, Coyote’s Howl. This is the 17th book of a great series. If you haven’t read the series yet I totally recommend it.

In other news, one of my siblings just misspelled “ink pen” as “ink pin” on Facebook…..



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