Edits 6/18

Alright! So as I have managed to completely pull all the fics I had in the bookmarked folders for Star Wars and Harry Potter, I went ahead and alphabetized them. Seeing the Harry Potter page seems to be popular I have also started to pull stories out of my follow list from ff.net. Thus the reason for the placement of the notes you may see occasionally on some of the pages “Title: [Start with ‘insert title’]” Those are just notes to myself so I know where to start when I add more of the fics from my follow list.

On the Star Wars fics, I also managed to pull all the fics I had in my follow list onto the page. Aside from tidying it up or adding an occasional fic newly discovered (or rediscovered) that wasn’t on my list, I won’t really be doing much more to the Star Wars page for now. Eventually I will add the AO3 fics I’ve found, but for now I plan on focusing on the ff.net fics in the other fandoms.

As for the other fandoms, well, I still have in my Bookmarks Folders: Bleach, Naruto, Detective Conan, Rurouni Kenshin, Various Manwha and Manhua, and Comics. I’m thinking about creating an Odds and Ends page for the all the fandoms that I’ve only found a few fics that I like in.

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