6/26 edits [In which I blather on]

Hmmph. So I have actually completed the Hikaru no Go page [minus Ao3 fics {I’m not doing those till I get through with ff.net <unless you know, I get stuck on one fandom>}]. It’s tidy; the stories from both my follows and favorites list are up there, and unless I discover a new story on ff.net that I like I won’t be doing much else to it.

On the note of supposedly ‘mostly’ finished pages, after finishing the Star Wars page I got bored of digging unsuccessfully for more Ichigo-is-Kaien reincarnation fics in the Bleach section.Thus I went back to Star Wars so I now have several stories bookmarked….so yeah, I am un-labeling that page ‘almost’ finished.

When it comes to polishing the pages I really need to do better. I do know that on the Hikaru no Go page I at some point managed to get the double spacing (that shows up on every other page) stop. So if I can remember how I did that, my pages will get a lot neater because I am currently having to manually fix all the double-spacing in the html side, and it takes a while and it’s a pain. I probably need to just google it.

On top of that, this site is mostly for myself even if I do get weird giggles -that sounds so wrong- when I see my stats. Since I have a lot to do– I’m trying to get all my stuff prepared to get back to school, start a small business on the side, read the overly long to-read list on my kindle when I’m not up to my ears in fanfiction, learn Japanese, motivate myself to re-educate myself in French, motivate myself to play the violin, motivate myself to actually finish one of my half-written books, oh, and my day job–I mostly work on this when I’m not doing what I should be, so updates are never going to be anything but sporadic. On the bright side I’m addicted to fanfiction so I will definitely work on this site. [Huh, maybe I should start a blog on all the stuff I’m supposed to be doing.] Regardless this site will be completed! Eventually. Maybe. If I can ever stop adding stuff to the Naruto bookmarks!

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