I love reading, so upon the discovery of fanfiction it is little wonder that I quickly became an addict. However sometimes it gets so hard to find that one fic you just really really want to read. And that’s not even getting on started finding a fic to reread in the looooong list of fanfiction that I’ve followed (and that’s only counting ff.net not ao3 or any others) so I decided to make a rec list! I hope that you who have stumbled across this enjoys it and finds a fic you like. I plan on working to improve it more as time goes(goodness knows my lists are merely going to grow). And feel free to leave comments especially if you know of a fic you think should be in this list, or if there’s a book/series/manga(wha/hua)/movie/tv show and their fandom you think I should check out.

Right now I’m working on Naruto and Bleach recs.  I plan to add Alex Rider, Animorphs, Avatar, Avengers, Batman, Batman Beyond, Ben 10,  Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Cape, Danny Phantom, Corpse Bride, Doctor Who, Flash, Gnomeo and Juliet, Highlander, Immortal Rain, Incredible Hulk, Incredibles,Kim Possible, Labyrinth, Lord of Rings, various manhua and manwha (Chinese and Korean comics) including Noblesse, Max Steel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ranma 1/2, Skip Beat!, Stargate: SG-1, Star Wars, Thor, Toy Story, Ushio and Tora, Wreck-it-Ralph, X-men, Young Justice, Yu Yu Hakusho.

That being said there are fandoms I have yet to check out seeing how I haven’t finished the source material yet such as: anything by CLAMP, Fullmetal Alchemist, Psyren, Stargate: Atlantis, and some others I can’t think of off the top of my head. There are also some fandoms I avoid for the most part but if I find some HIGH quality fiction I might read and rec it such as a Narnia fic [I annoy people with this one ’cause I won’t even watch the movies as I don’t think they could ever come close to the spectacular world of C.S. Lewis.

There will not be Twilight fanfiction on this rec list unless it’s a fic that exists for the sake of explaining just how psychologically wrong the relationships in that series are.

I like the Hunger Games, but doubt I will ever actually go through its fanfiction unless I stumble across some high quality fics [or someone recs it *hint hint*]

Divergent will not have recs: I love Harry Potter and I liked the Hunger Games but Divergent is way too much like a regurgitated combination of them with a squicky teacher-student relationship that starts when she’s a minor, and just generally creeps me out.

Unless it’s absolutely hilarious I don’t think I’ll have any RPF fics recc’d…but if it’s hilarious….

I plan to eventually have warnings on the fics that need them, that day is not now so tread carefully, and look at what the author’s rating is.

I will probably not rec any slash fics, that being said there may be mentions of slash especially in a humourous way.

I will eventually have the recs set up with the following format:

Title that serves as link
Author’s name
Author’s summary
Author’s rating
Status as of the time I posted the rec (I will keep an eye on these and try to keep up with them but I am a slowpoke)
The “Opinion” may just be a summary that I think helps with knowing what’s in it or just my personal opinion on the fic. Not all recs will have this.

Hope you have fun reading!

Elijah aka D’North aka that annoying anon who posts as frodalulz

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