Harry Potter

Title: A Bad Death Eater Gone Good
Author: Kneazle
Summary: AU, time travel. Voldemort won and Harry lost. Life under Lord Voldemort’s rule isn’t what the Purebloods thought it would be… so a half-baked plot to twist time to save their sorry hides is concocted. But will it work? [WIP]
Rated: Fiction M

Title: About a Boy
Author: LilyIsAwesomerThanYou
Summary: This is the story of a boy who was expected to save the world and his life after he was adopted by none other than Severus Snape, feared Bat of the Dungeons. Sequel to “Glimpses” – Harry adapts to school and his new father. NO SLASH.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Chance to Change
Author: Pandesme
Summary:TimeTravel Fic! Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny decide to go back to change it all. The catch? They won’t be able to speak to eachother ever again. Their plan? Divide and conquer, Slytherin Harry, Ravenclaw Hermione, Hufflepuff Ginny, and Gryffindor Ron.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Change in History
Author:  Kinda-Mayvelle
Summary: AU. Harry, neglected by his parents, runs away in the night. Who should find him, but Voldemort and his trusted familiar? Awakening in a strange place with the most feared Dark Wizard around, what becomes of our Harry? Read and find out! Nonslash.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Different Messenger
Author: SophrionaSphinx
Summary: I love “Harry is rescued from the Dursleys” stories but never found one that was quite right. So I had to write one myself.
Rating: K
Status: WIP
Opinion: When Snape is the one to deal with Harry’s entrance to the Wizarding World, it’s a struggle for him to decide if he will see the “arrogant Potter” or the vulnerable boy Harry really is.

Title: Adrift in a World
Author: Miss Whiskers
Summary: Harry Potter is thrown into an alternate universe due to archaic rules of magic. Hiding under the alias of Chris Collins, he tries to find a place among the suspicion of those he knew and some he never did, as Voldemort’s power grows.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Father’s Love
Author: teacherbev
Summary: AU Dumbledore told Harry that those we love never truly leave us. What if that statement was truer than even he ever imagined? No Slash.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Forgotten Youth
Author: Magami
Summary: A broken Harry Potter mysteriously vanishing from the face of the Earth without so much as a trace left behind. A year later, a dark man suddenly appears at Hogwarts with a secret, he is not who he plays himself out to be.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Gift From the Past
Author: sevlily4ever
Summary: Right after Snape is ordered to kill Dumbledore, he runs into an eight year old Harry Potter from the past. How will this change his relationship with present-day Harry? How will he deal with the task he must do while taking care of a child?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Godfather’s Bond
Author: arwenraven
Summary: Ancient family magic was used to create a bond between Sirius Black and his godson Harry Potter. When Harry’s pain and fear break through the magic surrounding Azkaban Sirius knows what he must do to help his young godson. Child Harry fic at beginning, father/son relationship. Abandoned
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Hero
Author: Celebony
Summary: Dudley begins to see his family in a different light. Warning: strong language and themes of child abuse. WINNER: Best One-Shot at Quibbler Awards
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Alan Harrison and the Apprentice of Death
Author: Luthengrad
Summary: After losing his family, Death offers Harry the opportunity to ensure his younger self/son has one. Catch is, it’s a secret. So the Boy Who Lived vanishes, as does James Potter’s corpse. Sirius isn’t happy, he’s got a godson to rescue. Time-travel
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Life of Lies
Author: kamahpfan
Summary: Post OotP! Severitus Challange. Snape is sent to the Dursley’s in disguise and makes a very unpleasent discovery. Rated for some language, Future Violence and Abuse.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: All That He Had Left
Author: nicnac918
Summary: All he knew was that the sound of a soothing voice, the gentle rocking of the chair, and the weight in his arms were the only things that mattered, all that he had left.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: All Through the Night
Author: Bloodpage-Alchemist
Summary: Harry awakens transported back in time over 500 years. Hogwarts is still being built and, amid the bustle, Harry finds the warm, nurturing parental figure missing in his life, in none other than Rowena Ravenclaw. Will Harry ever go home? Will he want to?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Allergic to Potions
Author: Cordria
Summary: A simple request for Harry to get his vaccinations has some unexpected consequences. Can Harry survive the summer trapped with his snarky potions professor?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Along Came a Family
Author: Imablack
Summary: After Cedric dies, Harry isolates himself and Dumbledore fears a connection between Harry and Lord Voldemort. Snape has his own problems when Dumbledore compels him to teach Harry Occlumancy whilst the Dark Lord orders him to brew the darkest potion he has ever encountered. But what of this gift Lily left for Harry’s 15th birthday…and what does it have to do with Snape?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Always Second Best
Author: Mai Ascot
Summary: AU; When two very different boys go to Hogwarts, nobody would think that they were twins. Charlus Potter is the spoiled Gryffindor BWL raised by his parents, and Harry Potter is a down to earth Ravenclaw, raised by Death. Wrong BWL, Full Summary Inside.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Marked Man
Author: Dhrelva
Summary: Severus Snape becomes a teacher at Hogwarts. Minerva accidently discovers something she shouldn’t.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: A Mistaken Sorting
Author: Silver Pard
Summary: Sequel to ‘Mistaken Identity’. The Dunce Who Lived and his unfortunate brother have finally arrived at Hogwarts. Snape is both manipulative and placing bets. Not so oneshot.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story
Author: cosette-aimee
Summary: The war drags on after Voldemort’s defeat and the Order of the Phoenix is fighting a losing battle. When Harry is hit by yet another killing curse, he wakes up years in the past and in an alternate reality. As an unknown child in a foreign world, Harry has a chance to change the outcome of the war – while dealing with new magical talents, pureblood politics and Black family drama.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A New Kind of Magic
Author: Tehan.au
Summary: This is why you keep your muses under control, kids. Harry gets stuck in the past, and learns an ancient and noble art. Unabashedly fluffy and pointless, but in a good way. Now with added present.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A New Place To Stay
Author: DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan
Summary: Harry is called up to Dumbledore’s office at the end of his fourth year and told he is to go and live with Severus Snape. Severus does what no one else bothered to do― he takes care of Harry. Watch as Harry flourishes to all that he was meant to be: A Slytherin with a heart of a lion. No slash. Will Harry be able to beat Voldemort and save the people he loves? Read and find out.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Anything for Always
Author: Silverwing013
Summary: When Dumbledore added another layer of protection surrounding Harry Potter, it unexpectedly came from the love of a Death Eater. Severus Snape said he would do anything for her, for Lily. He always would. However, he never expected to take the place of little Harry.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Path Once Chosen
Author: MaireadInish
Summary: Vignette. A man must make choices that influence his life and the lives of those he loves. An introspective look at how taking a mark of slavery influenced Snape’s life. Sevitus.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Phoenix’s Tale
Author: Dreamyin
Summary: What had started as a drunken accident, ends up with Harry returning to the past to prevent the dark future ahead. While Harry had been warned for his new identity and a decrease in magic, Fawkes forgot to mention that he would gain a very interesting winged animagus in return. Not that Harry was complaining… Timetravel
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Are You My Father
Author: nightkitty555
Summary: A distraught Harry Potter after the death of his godfather has started to question everything people had always told him about his parents. He’s not even sure who they were. Keywords: Sevitus / Severitus
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Arms of A Dark Angel
Author: Snapegirlkmf
Summary: Neglected by his caregivers, little Harry would not have survived were it not for the mysterious dark angel who helped him. Harry never knew his name, until he went to Hogwarts and discovered a certain professor bore a remarkable resemblence to his savior
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: A Serpentine Path
Author: AzarDarkstar
Summary: In which the most cunning Slytherin isn’t actually a Slytherin, and Harry Potter is far more than a normal schoolboy. The Dark Lord marked him as an equal for a reason. Third-year AU.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Slytherin Aid
Author: shadowsylvia
Summary: Four years after the Final Battle, Snape finds out that he has a son. Liam, a young man with scars from the Final Battle, finds out that his biological father is alive. How will Liam cope?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Spy’s True Intentions
Author: Ms Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Sequel to A Potions Master’s Remedy. It’s been 4 years now and Harry and Snape are finally friends. But that friendship is over when Snape kills Dumbledore. Will it ever be repaired? And how will Harry destroy those Horcruxes if he even finds them?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Visit To The Past
Author: kellyweasley1001
Summary: The Next Generation characters get stuck in the past and meet the younger versions of their parents. Based in The Order of the Phoenix.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A way out
Author: Aroon
Summary: Harry managed to sneak out of his uncle’s house to get to Hogwarts, but the boy was afraid of all the strange things happening there, so he tried to flee. Professor Snape is not pleased. Warning: CP
Rated: Fiction M

Title: A way out?
Author: Isimile
Summary: Harry was not sure what he expected to happen when Snape found out about Umbridge using a Blood Quill on him, especially after the business with the pensieve. Has he really found a way out from not only the abuse but perhaps even the war?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: A Whole New World
Author: Nia River
Summary: ABANDONED. The war drags on and those remaining loyal to Harry fall one by one. In the end only Harry and Neville are left standing. So, when an unexpected opportunity arises to start over in another world as brothers, the two jump at the chance.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: An Assumption, a Lie and the Truth
Author: Lisa13
Summary: Severitus’s Challenge. Snape is Harry’s biological father. They both know something. Very original plot aspects. Enjoy!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: An End To It All
Author: Khadon
Summary: ON HIATUS!Harry Potter was sent to Azkaban where he stayed for three years sentenced for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he has escaped and decided to put an end to the lies, and end to the war, an end to it all.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: An Innocent Gift
Author: Amber Dream
Summary: Due to Voldemort’s… insanity, Severus is forced to take an unidentified potion. When the effects of said potion take place, what does Dumbledore do? Send him to the one person he feels he can trust of course. Not slash. RR please. I HAVE RETURNED!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: An Old Man’s Meddling…
Author: Severitus
Summary: It all starts when Harry misses the train, and his worst enemy has to take him home. Sometimes all it takes is truth to end hatred…..
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Anarkia
Author: Naia
Summary: Abandonned by his guardians, Harry Potter vanished from existence. Years later, a young man graduates from one of the most elitist and secrete Magical schools and makes his way through Magical societies. Fate or Fatality? Ancient Greeks called it Anarkia.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: And the Truth Shall Set You Free
Author: silverskies
Summary: Response to the Veritaserum Challenge. Starts PreHogwarts. Harry cannot lie, how does this affect him? And what happens when he meets an escapee from Azkaban?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Angel of Death
Author: Unspoken Tragedy
Summary: I only wanted to save you, Severus.’ Severus learns that it isn’t easy being a vampire. PreHBP. Now with a shiny New Chapter!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Back Again, Harry?
Author: Jedi Buttercup
Summary: Harry makes a different choice in King’s Cross and is given the double edged gift of a second chance. Time Travel AU, DH canon.
Rating: T
Status: WIP

Title: Back to Being a Baby
Author: Spiorad
Summary: When Harrys Godfather dies he doesn’t know how to cope. What does Headmaster Albus Dumbledore do? Why, gives Harry a second chance at the childhood he never had in hopes of giving Harry a better future! A baby Harry ff, Now includes Child Snape!
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Back to You
Author: summer sisters
Summary: Six Year Old Harry Potter made a wish to be loved, but he never knew that wish would take him back to a time when even he wasn’t supposed to exist. Where his parents were still alive and in school.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Basilisk-born
Author: Ebenbild
Summary: Fifth year: After the Dementor attack, Harry is not returning to Hogwarts – is he? ! Instead of Harry, a snake moves into the lions’ den. People won’t know what hit them when Dumbledore’s chess pawn Harry is lost in time… Manipulative Dumbledore, ‘Slytherin!Harry’, Time Travel!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Becoming Lord Potter-Black
Author: Dolceconbrio
Summary: On his sixteenth birthday, Harry gets a letter that tells him that there is more about being an Heir than he thinks.There are certain rules and etiquettes to follow. He learns that not everything is as simple as it seems and decides that he will do everything he can to create choices for everyone. Mild Dumbledore-bashing. No pairing Rated T to be safe. Some mentions of child abuse.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Being No Potter
Author: wilyoldjane
Summary: After the fall of Voldemort, Harry´s brother Owen is hailed the savior. Now, what will happen to Harry?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Benefits of old laws
Author: ulktante
Summary: Parts of souls do not go on alone. When Voldemort returns to a body he is much more sane than before and realizes that he cannot go on as he started. Finding some old laws he sets out to reach his goals on another way. Harry will find his world turned upsite down once more and we will see how people react when the evil is not acting how they think it should.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Betrayed With a Kiss
Author: Unspoken Tragedy
Summary: Chap 6 edited! ‘I think the Headmaster is more in the habit of using others to cause me harm than to expel any effort himself.’ Dumbledore is forced to choose between Lupin’s freedom and Exposing Snape as a spy. PreHBP
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Better Dead than Never
Author: Gucia
Summary: A meeting of the Order. Where is Severus Snape? Was he summoned? It’s not like him to be late… my first fic go easy on me Post OotP. Character death… implied as yet. AU to HBP. Discontinued for now.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Better Off Forgotten
Author: Scorpia710
Summary: Waking up in a vacant field, with no memory of his past, Harry finds himself being dragged to the house of Tobias Snape. Will Snape be able to find Harry in time, or will Voldemort find him first? On Hold
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Big Brother D
Author: trip-trap
Summary: Some are born big brothers; some have big-brother-ness thrust upon him. Dudley’s the latter, and the best you could say is he’s grudging about it.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Black Bird
Author: Duath
Summary: Harry Potter has died, but suddenly Snape’s son shows up with a misty backround and even foggier future. Who is this boy and WHAT is he?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Blessed Curse
Author: HpFanficFan
Summary: COMPLETE. Harry’s defeat of Voldemort came at a price. The consequences will change Harry’s life forever; for him it will be a blessing. For the snarky potions master, however, it has become what he calls a curse. Severitus. Revised
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Blood, Torture, and Witty Comebacks
Author: S. Thanatos
Summary: Our favorite Dark Lord gets his hands on Harry over the summer holidays. He plans to use Harry for nefarious purposes, but before that can happen, Harry must be ‘conditioned’. Voldemort enlists his top-ranking Death Eaters to do the job… guess who’s one
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Burnt
Author: lastcrazyhorn
Summary: A disabled Harry comes to Hogwarts story. Everyone expects him to be like his dad, but how can he be with such a different past? A Slytherin Harry takes on Hogwarts in an unusual way.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Cast The Little Prince
Author: Tsume Yuki
Summary: Regulus Arcturus Black dies a tragic death in a cave, trying to stop Voldemort. The Fates decide he deserves another chance for his heroic efforts. He is reincarnated, as Harry Potter. Now armed with the memories of his past life and mistakes he sets out to stop Voldemort and change the Wizarding World. Prompt by savya398
Rated: Fiction T

Title: C’est La Vie (on AO3)
Author: cywscross
Summary: A year after the war ends, Fate takes the opportunity to toss her favourite hero into a different dimension to repay her debt. A new life in exchange for having fulfilled her prophecy. Harry just wants to know why he has no say in the matter. And why Fate thinks that his hero complex won’t eventually kick in. Then again, that might be exactly why Fate dumped him there.
Rated: Fiction T
[ff.net story is gone but it’s currently still on AO3]

Title: Casting Shadows at Noon
Author: Lily Fairy
Summary: Severus learns that redemption does not mean finding peace. Think Snape likes Dumbledore? Think again.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Changing Order
Author: Dawn of Erised
Summary: When Albus Dumbledore is removed from the Wizengamot, Fudge takes the opportunity to silence Harry. The magical world is sent into chaos. Ancient relics turn up at Hogwarts and a first year proves that prophecy is what you make of it. (Fifth year, AU, De-Ageing, Mentor!Fic No bashing. More in-depth view of the magical world).
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Childlike Innocence
Author: Carlotta Snape
Summary: After a accident involoving a potion, Professor Severus Snape, is turned into a child. What happened, and will they be able to turn him back before some unknown evil finishes him off?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Come What May
Author: Scorpia710
Summary: Harry’s life is turned around and upside down when a late night visitor from the future tells him the unthinkable. Now he must convince Snape to teach him Occlumency, get along with Draco Malfoy and survive through what Voldemort has planned for him. AU
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Coming In From The Cold
Author: ahappyjtm
Summary: AU: Harry, abandoned on the streets of London when he was nine, now has a large black dog following him everywhere.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Conversationally Yours
Author: Hectopascal
Summary: A what-if story if Harry became mute when he was little. How would Harry grow and change over the years if his only form of communication was through his telepathic link to Voldemort?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Corvus Black
Author:  Firazh
Summary: What could be worse than a nightmare? Waking up to discover that it was reality, of course. But after finding out Bellatrix was his mother, discovering that the Death Eater who fathered him was Severus Snape almost came as a relief. Deciding to take up his real identity was easy enough … actually living it, not so much. AU: After fifth year. Sevitus with a twist.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Courage and Cunning
Author: preciousann
Summary: Salazar Slytherin has had enough of Dumbledore and Voldemort’s stupidity, so on October 31, 1981 he decides to put a stop to the wizarding war. Things do not go according to plan. He loses his memories, but 10 years later he regains them when he gets a familiar letter. BASH! Some Weasleys & manipulative Dumbledore! Salazar is NOT a superhero! A twist to the Harry is Salazar genre.
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Opinion: A lengthy tale about an immortal Salazar who instructs the Potter family to flee to safety and accidentally gets caught up in Dumbledore’s “Saviour” schemes. Well, Salazar will just have to straighten this mess out.

Title: Courage By Potions
Author: Janara
Summary: AU, sixth year story; do not follow the last two books! Sick and tired of the way everyone is trying to force him to become Ginny’s boyfriend, our hero is seeking for a way to tell everyone what he thinks of them. Alas, things do not turn out the way he thought they would. No pairings.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Cub
Author: Jadie Stee
Summary: Harry has come into his inheritance. It is not all that he has hoped for.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dark Apprentice
Author: padawan lynne
Summary: When Voldemort decides to take Harry Potter as his apprentice instead of killing him, the Wizarding World is in for a shock. Goodbye Harry Potter, hello Lord Raiden.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dark Lord Syndicate
Author: Yunaine
Summary: Taking over the world is a career like any other. He could live with the bad hours, the lousy pay, the non-existent healthcare, the incompetent colleagues, and every other hurdle that came along. If only his boss didn’t thwart his every attempt … – Set at the very beginning; Parody
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dark Minds
Author: Lady Aramis
Summary: What happens when a wild bout of accidental magic traps Voldemort powerless in Harry’s head? Will the two be able to coexist, or will they drive each other mad?
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Dark Phoenix
Author: Mistress of Eternal Night
Summary: On Harry’s 16th birthday, something happened to him. Changed him. Not just his body but also his attitude. He will find out who his real friends are and who are not. Harry will have to fight to fulfill the prophecy but Voldemort has something planned
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dark Reflections
Author: xxlostdreamerxz
Summary: AU: Fudge foolishly orders the Dementor’s kiss on Harry Potter. What if due to a freak accident, Harry doesn’t lose his soul only a piece of it? PreHBP
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Darkly Treacherous
Author: xxlostdreamerxz
Summary: AU: What if Harry grew up neglected by his parents? What if he had been kidnaped by Voldemort and raised as his dark heir? Read and find out!
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Darkness Unveiled
Author: MissAX
Summary: Harry runs away from his parents to find a place where he belongs…Away from home, Harry meets no one other than Voldemort, who becomes the father that he never had. Harry comes to see that the Light aren’t all that they appear to be…[NOT SLASH]
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Day With No End
Author: astropixie
Summary: AU fifth year. Harry has an awful day and can’t wait for it to be over. Unfortunately, it just keeps repeating itself. Will his tormentor Snape be able to help?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Death, Destroyer of Worlds
Author: Lady FoxFire
Summary: Completed Death has the power to take lives or to save them. He’s about to do both.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Deconstructing the Past
Author: No.13
Summary: On September 1st, 1971, James Potter wakes up and remembers the future. Meanwhile, Harry Potter and two illustrious others go time traveling. And Severus Snape, the Marauders and the rest of Hogwarts find themselves in the middle of an attempt to rewrite the past.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Delirium Victoria
Author: TheCauldron
Summary: What if the prophecy wasn’t as literal as Dumbledore assumed? Sometimes, sleep deprivation can be helpful. Set post fifth year, a bit (very) OOC. Just some silliness my own sleep dep caused.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Demenomancy
Author: Adari
Summary: Fudge thought it was Christmas come early. Dumbledore thought it was the death of the Magical World. No one was prepared for what the future really brought. Beginning is a bit messy due to murder.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Dementor’s Kiss
Author:  Kades
Summary: The war is over Voldemort is dead and Harry has been betrayed by those closest to him. Time-travel fic, AU, OOC, OC, some character bashing,rating may change. Dark!/Grey! Harry Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter all rights etc. belong to J.K. Rowling
Rated: Fiction T

Title: DID, you know?
Author: Aurelia Maddox
Summary: this is in response to a challenge on potions and snitches in which Harry has dissociative identity disorder and Snape is the one to discover it and help him through it. this is not a slash. may be Severitus if you squint and tilt your head. no pairings. starts at the beginning of 2nd year. cannon through 1st year but not after that. one swear word. p.s. I’m looking for a beta.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Divergence
Author: TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Summary: Voldemort is dead, but in his place is an eleven year old Tom Riddle pulled out of time, with no idea what is going on. He’s got a lot to catch up on, and Harry has a lot to teach him. AU. Follows canon until book 5.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Author: lferg
Summary: After spending a month in Death Eater captivity 17 year old Harry escapes only to be transported to another dimension where his parents are alive and he is supposedly dead. cp 19-21 are new
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Draconic Protégé
Author: LittleDragonOfTruth
Summary: DISCONTINUED / After being declared an apprentice to the Dark Lord, he’s thrown in Azkaban. Though, that doesn’t explain the presence of an unknown black dragon appearing in Romania just days after Harry Potter escapes from Azkaban.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dream Divination
Author:  LBibliophile
Summary: Sometimes it takes a special sort of Sight to see the truth, to reveal what is hidden. And sometimes Divination shows more than you expect it to. Trelawney is looking through the dream diaries assignment when she starts to worry about some of Harry’s dreams.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Dreaming Our Lives Away
Author: Unspoken Tragedy
Summary: PreHBP! Harry and Severus start meeting each other in strange, lifelike dreams, only to realize: these aren’t exactly dreams, and if they don’t work together.. They may never wake up. HP.SS Mentorship
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Erasing History
Author: padawan lynne
Summary: When his family is killed by someone he once called a friend, Harry is devastated. Thrown back in time, he decides to change history and save his family. After all, no one ever said what time the Prophecy had to be fulfilled in.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Eschew Obfuscation
Author: buddyblack
Summary:Harry dies during his battle with Voldemort in the Triwizard Tournament and wakes up as…a four-year-old! Harry reincarnated…kind of… Read inside for better summary…
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
Author:  Les Dowich
Summary: Critically injured during the final battle, Harry Potter chooses a simpler way to live. As a cat, Harry finds love and acceptance but no man can be a cat forever and everyone has to grow up and face the world one day.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Everything Unexpected
Author: Shizu66
Summary: What will happen when Severus is deaged and for his own safety is send to live with Sirius Black? Will it be hell for the two of the or will they find a way to cope?
Rated: Fiction T

Title:Family Secrets
Author: Ebenbild
Summary: Every normal family has its secrets – and Petunia Evans Dursley is the head of the most normal family in the world… Watch out, Dumbledore! The Evans Family decided to wreak havoc! Nice!Dursleys Manipulative!Dumbledore somehow Slytherin!Harry. Follows the books for now.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Fate’s Playground
Author: a-little-bit-irked
Summary: “Fools live to regret their words, wise men to regret their silence”. What happens when a wise man is given a second chance? – Original Time-Travel plot! kindof a kidfic with cute!Harry Snarky!Snape and twinkly-eyed!Albus.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Fate’s Wings
Author: Above the Winter Moonlight
Author: COMPLETE Post-GoF AU. Transforming into a small dove to escape the abuse of the Dursleys, an injured Harry Potter travels to Hogwarts alongside his familiar Hedwig. There he is discovered by none other than Severus Snape and thus a friendship will grow. Epilogue Posted
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Fighting Back
Author: Miarix
Summary: A six year old Harry encounters Lord Voldemort in his hour of despair. The Wizarding World will never be the same. No Slash. Features a Sarcastic Harry, cause I love him.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Filling the Void
Author: goldencompass
Summary: Sometimes getting what you want is terrifying. Can Severus and Harry manage after the roller coaster that was first year? Sequel to Reading the Signs.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: finding a family
Author: Raven Darcstar
Summary: Post ‘order of the phoenix’ sevitus starting the day after Harry Potter and Severus Snape learn that they are father and son. A.U. some o.o.c. Mentions of abuse
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Finding A Place To Belong
Author: The Turn Coat
Summary: After great tragedy Harry is left alone in the world, but what happens when he is dragged into another one? “Who are the ancients and what do you mean I’m in a different Galaxy!”
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Finding Family
Author: Windblown Wallflower
Summary: Harry Potter isn’t paranoid at least he doesn’t think so, unfortunately, the Minister disagrees and has decided to send him on a vacation. Where to? New York.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Flying Free
Author: Cettia cetti
Summary: An unexpected accident happened when Harry was practicing animagus transformation. How could Harry seek help?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Forbidden
Author: GuidingHand
Summary: Professor Snape catches Harry and Ron as they exit the Forbidden Forest after their trip to the acromantula nest. He ensures they are punished for their forbidden trip and also finds solutions to problems he was previously forbidden to resolve. Disclaimer: chapters two and eight will contain spanking; of a preteen/teen. Tip: If you like humor more than angst start with ch. 3.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Forestalled
Author: Jacobus-Minoris
Summary: Jumping to the past, Harry believes himself prepared for any problem; but he certainly didn’t see this one coming…
Rating: K
Status: One-shot
Opinion: A parody of the time travel genre when created timelines leave research notes lying around.

Title: Forever & Always
Author: beargirl1393
Summary: What happens when Severus takes baby Harry away from Godric’s Hollow instead of Hagrid. Begins much the same as my oneshot “Always” but deviates halfway through the first chapter. You don’t need to read one to read the other.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Formerly Hated
Author: Shadow of Flame
Summary: After a month at the Dursley’s after year 4, Harry recives a mysterious letter from his mother reavealing that he was adopted. How does he surviv with his family? Esspecily with his father is Tobias Snape, and brother is Severus. nonabuseive Tobias.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Founders’ Heirs
Author: fhrulz21
Summary: AU preHBP. Harry and Company are sent to an alternate universe where his parents are still alive, he is dead and Voldemort is still very active. The twist, they have just beaten Voldemort in their dimension by uniting Hogwarts as the Founder’s Heirs. HG,
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Four and counting
Author: Laume
Summary: KIDFIC! A few years after the war ends, Snape has a little mishap. Dumbledore, in all his wisdom, comes up with an Awfully Bad Idea.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: From Potions to Pram
Author: Laume
Summary: AU, kidfic. The war is over, and Severus Snape wants out. A reluctant Albus Dumbledore agrees to help him.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Generations Of Sorting
Author: superwholocked109
Summary: Lots of characters been sorted. However, this isn’t just any sorting hat story…
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Getting it Done
Author: Emily Waters
Summary: The trio decide to prank Snape. He has it coming, after all!
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Glimpses
Author: LilyIsAwesomerThanYou
Summary: When Harry is taken from the Dursleys by Child Protective Services, Snape is sent to adopt him. Mentions of abuse, but no details. NO SLASH.
Rated: Fiction T –

Title: Go the Distance
Author: SeverusMalfoy15
Summary: During the summer before fifth year Harry receives a time delayed letter from his mother. His life is turned upside down, and as he starts another year at Hogwarts, he is forced to determine how far he will go, to find the family he never had.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Gone With the Wind
Author: scotgirl
Summary: Another year, another day, another war” The Dark Lord is gone and the war almost over, but at what price. Harry is gone and is given a chance to re-capture the love, hope and innocence he lost at a year old…
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Graceful
Author: Watch Over Me
Summary: Two year old Julian was declare the Boy Who Lived, while his older twin Harry was abandoned only to be adopted by our favorite potion professor. Now with his adopted father and family he’s more then anyone could have ever imagined. R/H/N/G Bashing. H/M
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Griffon Reborn
Author: Yrtria
Summary: Harry suffers a mental breakdown while being convicted to Azkaban. He serves his time and rebuilds his life away from the magical world.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Guardian Angel
Author: jljaina
Summary: Harry discovers that Snape is his father. A Severitus challenge style fic. How will the two react to this news and will they ever be a family. And who is this spirit that keeps appearing to them? Takes place after Harry’s 5th yr. Dismisses 6th & 7th bks
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Handle With Care
Author: JulieSnape02
Summary: Despite Severus’ treatment of Harry in his first Potions class, and subsequent meetings and classes, Harry is determined to be kind to his Potions professor. How will this change their relationship? AU, OOC, eventual Severus-adopts-Harry story, Dumbledore bashing, and a number of unexpected twists and turns along the way! Please R&R and enjoy! 😀 Rating may go up in later chapters.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Harbinger of Destiny: Herald of Fate
Author: Shadow Fiend
Summary: Having disappeared during the Third Task, Harry returns to Hogwarts during what would be his seventh year. However, he comes not as a student, but a slave bound to an Elf. No one knows he is back, but he must find a way to make his presence known.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Harry Basilisk
Author: Lucillia
Summary: Thanks to a healing gone wrong in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter is now a Basilisk. Able to turn into a “Human Harry shaped” Basilisk from sunrise to sunset, he tries to keep this a secret. How long until his secret gets out and the panic begins?
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Harry Potter & the Dragon of Azkaban
Author: Zyber Elthone
Summary: Azkaban fic, yeah it’s been done but oh well. Harry is framed and sent to Azkaban. On his 20th birthday he gets a new shot at life for a present. Rated M just to be safe.
Rated: Fiction M

[Title: Harry Potter – Master of Death p.3]

Title: Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past
Author: S’TarKan
Summary: The war is over. Too bad no one is left to celebrate. Harry makes a desperate plan to go back in time, even though it means returning Voldemort to life. Now an 11 year old Harry with 30 year old memories is starting Hogwarts. Can he get it right?
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Prince
Author: mini-mid
Summary: What if Harry found out that he was adopted and got the choice to become who he really was supposed to be. What if he got a second chance to change it all. Severitus. No slash as usual. New titel same content…
Rating: K+
Status: WIP

Title: His Own Man
Author:  Crunchysunrises
Summary: In the station between Life and Death Harry makes a different choice. Now he is eleven again, nothing is going the same as before, and people are starting to ask questions, especially the Malfoys, the Hogwarts professors and, most worryingly, Mad-Eye Moody. Harry is beginning to suspect that he might not be up to this Master of Death business and everything that goes along with it.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: In Terms of a Name
Author: Taliya
Summary: Indicted, imprisoned, kidnapped, and Kissed, Harry manages to survive and gain powerful allies. Now, he bides his time for the perfect chance to strike. AU after OotP. Dark, powerful, independent, Dementor Harry. This story has been abandoned.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Life is our Sentence
Author: <a href=”http://archiveofourown.org/users/orphan_account/pseuds/orphan_account&#8221; rel=”author”>orphan_account
Summary: A potions accident early sixth year changes everything for Severus Snape.
Rating: T -Gen

Title: Magic Knows No Boundaries
Author: cosette-aimee
Summary: An older Harry gets transported to an Alternate Universe where Voldemort is still wreaking havoc. Involves advanced magic, werewolves and an unexpected marriage contract. Discontinued.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Nobody Cared
Author: etherian
Summary: 11 yr old Harry misses the Hogwarts Express. Snape is sent to find out why. What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. AU, manipulative!Dumbledore, DE’s, Voldy, but no horcruxes. UPDATED COMPLETED 2015
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Not what they wanted, just Harry
Author: cersedshadow
Summary: Everyone had their expectations of the Boy-Who-Lived, but since when has Harry ever done as expected. With the Golden Boy in Slytherin and showing some remarkable skills as well as signs of abuse what is our favourite potions master to do?
Rating: T
Status: WIP

Title: On a Pale Horse
Author: Hyliian
Summary: AU. When Dumbledore tried to summon a hero from another world to deal with their Dark Lord problem, this probably wasn’t what he had in mind. Mod! Harry, godlike! Harry, Unhinged! Harry. Dumbledore bashing.
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Opinion: A rather hilarious yet angsty take on the “Summon Harry from another dimension” story that is most definitely not cliché.

Title: Put my Galleons on That One
Author: Tsume Yuki
Summary: As Master of Death, Harry can’t really die. What he can do is get reborn, in an alternate dimension that is so much like his old world but so different at the same time. Taking down Voldemort again? Bring it on. MoD Harry
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Precious Memories
Author: FalconLux
Summary: AU; oneshot; Sevitus; NO SLASH – At five years old, a badly abused little boy only wishes to know if he was ever loved. Five years later, his most precious memories will save more lives than his own. Severus is a bit OoC; warnings for child abuse, excessive use of calming draughts, and meddling old coots
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Second Life
Author: Nia River
Summary: ABANDONED. After the disastrous end to 5th year Harry is alone at Privet Drive contemplating the losses in his life. When he discovers a time-turner he decides to go back to the beginning and set things right. Naturally, things don’t go according to plan.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Serpent Tongue
Author: Phoenixmirage
Summary: An age-old prophecy involving the Founders coming to fulfillment… The Hogwarts Four awakens, reincarnated in their Heirs. A most ironic twist of fate awaits a First Year Harry Potter. Salazar Slytherin as Harry Potter.
Rated: Fiction M

Title: Seventh Horcrux
Author: Emerald Ashes
Summary: The presence of a foreign soul may have unexpected side effects on a growing child. I am Lord Volde…Harry Potter. I’m Harry Potter. In which Harry is insane, Hermione is a Dark Lady-in-training, Ginny is a minion, and Ron is confused.
Rating: T
Status: Complete with Omakes
Opinion: Considering he created his image of Dark Lord Voldemort while drunk, it’s not surprising Tom Riddle created Horcruxes not knowing what he was doing. So when his latest Horcrux gives him a chance for a second life as Harry Potter, he jumps the gun, and not even the thing masquerading as his old self is going to stop him.

Title: Shed
Author: ObsessiveCompulsiveforhp
Summary: Questions are asked, secrets revealed, identities lost, found, and lives rewritten, and one little lion learns what it means to shed. Snape is Harry’s father. No pairings just yet. Semi-good Malfoys. AU AFTER FIFTH YEAR. Slightly graphic descriptions of torture, healing and wandfights.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: Ten Months
Author: TragediesPainfulKiss
Summary: Severus is a 10 month old in Albus’s care, with his memories intact. A sweet fluff story! Watch Severus’s mischievous Slytherin behavior and how he interacts with those in the castle.
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Opinion: A story that’s all about the cute baby Severus, it will make you go AWWW! so much.

Title: The Bet
Author:  Marwana
Summary: After defeating Voldemort, a lot of students went back to Hogwarts to finish their education. Most graduated. Two words said by Harry meant for Draco Malfoy suddenly change everything anyone thought they knew about them. (not to be taken seriously)
Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Boy Who
Author: Dream Painter
Summary:  By third year, Harry was starting to think he knew his own identity. Then, the discovery of an old secret threatens to throw his world into turmoil, yet again. Nor is he the only one who finds his life affected… Who is he, anyway? Rated: Fiction T

Title: The Cupboard Under the Stairs
Author: Stargon1
Summary: A mysterious green inked letter banished Harry from his cupboard. But does taking the boy out of the cupboard also mean that you’ve taken the cupboard out of the boy? A first year fic
Rating: K
Status: Complete
Sequels: Hermione’s Book Nook, Potter Haven

Title: The Mirror of Possibilities
Author: heyo
Summary: The war is over, and Harry wants to continue with his life. But his hopeful plans for the future encounter a glitch in the form of an Alternative World where his parents are alive and he has siblings! Continues after Book 7.
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Opinion: Thanks to a dimensional crossing mirror and his alternate siblings Harry gets pulled into world where he died, his parents lived and the war is still going.

Title: The One Where Harry Gets Sorted into Slytherin
Author: nicnac918
Summary: In which Harry’s sorting goes a bit awry, but rather better than anyone expected.
Rated: Fiction K
Status: Oneshot
Opinion: The author has a point.

Title: The Perils of Innocence
Author: avidbeader
Summary: AU. In an institute to help children with psychological issues, a child is abandoned by his guardians because he does extraordinary things. Rather than fear him, the doctors work to help him try to control this ability. They discover other children with these incredible powers. And then odd letters arrive one summer day. Rating will probably go up later. Eventual H/Hr.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: The Predestination Paradox
Author: Zsugami Alba
Summary: When Harry finds himself in the time of the founders, he makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, in the present, Draco finds himself in desperate need of a bucket list. Rated T for “cheeky” behavior.
Rated: Fiction T
Opinion: It has a nice, hilarious start, even if it was slightly cracky; but the latest chapters seem to be descending to massive amounts of crossover quoteages and the utter destruction of the fourth wall.

Title: The Real Reason for the Marriage Law
Author:  SevyLu
Summary:  Many years into the future, Minister Shacklebolt explains why a new law is necessary. Rated: Fiction K+
Opinion: I think this is supposed to be crack but it read likes theory and almost makes sense. It is funny though.

Title: The Rise of Potter-Black
Author: xoxlollipopxox
Summary: No one knows what went wrong with Hadrian James Potter-Black. Certainly not Heath Potter, the boy-who-lived. How could his own brother be a Slytherin? Be so Dark? Granted, Heath rarely interacted with Hadrian. But it’s bad enough that he’s fated to defeat the most powerful Dark Lord in centuries. But is fate so cruel that he has to also fight against his own brother?
Rating: T
Status: WIP
Opinion: Harry is Hadrian, a Slytherin who was deeply affected by being raised by a more politically minded Sirius Black, and intends to help his brother from the shadows.

Title: The Warlock of Slytherin
Author: Romantic Silence
Summary: After his mother died, his father abandoned him with his relatives. Harry grew up emulating his uncle, a shrewd businessman. With his best friend and neighbor, Hermione, by his side, he has big plans to be at the top! However, his plans get derailed when it’s revealed that not only is he a wizard, but his father is one too and that his twin brother is the famous Boy Who Lived!
Rating: T
Status: WIP

Title: Turnabout Is Fair Play
Author: Lucillia
Summary: It was as if the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds were playing Musical Doorsteps with the Boy-Who-Lived, abandoning him on the front porches of homes where he would not be wanted.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Visiting Rights
Author: LBibliophile
Summary: Harry is the Boy-Who-Lived… again, and again, and again. Now he is back at Hogwarts for second year with strict instructions that it is time to get his life fixed. Poor Snape won’t know what’s hit him.
Rated: Fiction T

Title: You Promised to Keep Her Safe
Author: etherian
Summary: In a war sacrifices were made. Sometimes they were made to follow a Prophecy. I’ve been wondering, why couldn’t Dumbledore do a better job of keeping the Potters safe. When the old wizard breaks his promise to Severus Snape, here is what could happen. NO SLASH.
Rated: Fiction K

Title: Your Mind to Mine
Author: Bil
Summary: AU. At the Welcoming Feast in PS, Harry’s scar hurt when he looked past Quirrell at Snape. What if there was another reason to that given? Snape gets a glimpse of the real Harry. HP, SS. Complete.
Rated: Fiction K+

Title: Why Clocks Are Round
Author: Azadrie
Summary: Reincarnation fic. In his dreams he remembers a time when the Hunt scoured the land, a time when the Magical races fled before the might of Muggle kind. A time when all those who practiced the ancient traditions fled before the sworn champions of a new young god. Considering all that, he is rather glad that his relatives are so insistent that Magic isn’t real.
Rated: Fiction T

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