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Not sure why I need to write about me here when I write about me on my blogs... I'm 25, lazy as all get out, ambitious as all get out; but I only want to teach ...until I earn enough money to live in a place where I can write books all day and deal with nobody stupid...or at all... and maybe not have to worry about student debt... and hopefully die or the Rapture happens before I get dementia. And I spend all day on the computer reading when I'm not working or trying my Plans. Yay for Run-on Sentences! I sound like a depressed maniac.

May 12 edits

Bonsoir. Or good morning if you’re in a similar time zone to myself, and actually just got up as opposed to myself attempting to stay awake as an attempt to recognate my sleep cycle to third shift work. I like working third shift, I just have an issue when I only work it two days and have to readjust for the other days. This is why my “what have I edited” posts might have the potential to come off weird, I’m tired…but I’m weird anyway so that train of thought isn’t as logical as it started out.

Randomness: I discovered today while reading in my A Handbook to Literature, that the word ‘squib’ is actually a literary term having to do with satirical stuff. I really wonder if JK Rowling knew that when she chose the term. It would be interesting if she did, although I suppose it’s possible she chose it for the more well-known theory, the whole-burnt out firework meaning. Randomness done.

I actually edited some more on the Harry Potter page, I’m to the ‘H’s now. YAY! *sarcasm over now* Well I am glad to be editing on it more, but I foresee the ‘H’ fics to take a very long time as there are probably going to more of them than any other letter in the alphabet seeing as titles “Harry Potter and…” are so very popular. If I was a little more enthusiastic and more awake I would be throwing in odd little gifs and videos, such as that one song “I will be popular” which I only know because of a Kaito Kid AMV, ….this one I don’t even like this song!  And now it’s going to be stuck in my head again. The AMV is good though.

I have also decided to create extra crossover pages for some of the longer lists of crossovers: the Harry Potter crossovers were taking over the Various Crossovers page. The Harry Potter crossovers is underneath the Various Crossovers page.

WordPress has actually made this site a little easier for me to make/edit! Previously, the pages were organized in the list of the date the pages were created, but now WordPress is organizing them the way the pages are organized on the site, so editing is easier! It also now tells me how long ago it’s been since I edited a page, like the ones I just did were 12 minutes ago, and there are some I haven’t edited in over five months. So now I can see which ones I’ve been neglecting!

Also I’ve gotten addicted to listening to motivation videos while working on this. It’s better than the TEDtalks. A good way to stick quotes on your work desk is by using a label maker to paste the quotes you like to your desk. I don’t…that sentence sounded more logical in my head.


[edit: I’m an idiot. I forgot there was a difference between blog posts and pages.]

May 4 edits

I’m on summer vacation for the moment so I can get around to editing this alot more. i think I’ll probably add a little bit every day, instead of doing big blocks of editing and getting discouraged over how much more is left. I’ve already added a few more fics to the Yu Yu Hakusho page, and I’m adding one or two stories to the Naruto page each day.

I’ve also created a page for Random Links, which is basically just various articles I found interesting. If you take a look at that page you will probably note my interest in fitness, teas, amongst other things. So I’m going to go edit some before I have to get ready for work.

That sounds weird.


Finals are almost over. Tomorrow my torture continues. Then a few papers and essays. Then I will be back to editing this site. I will probably focus on Yu Yu Hakusho cause I’ve been reading those whenever I have free time and it is way too hard to find non slash fics in this fandoms. Whoever came up with that meme/cartoon where you open a fanfic page and it’s “YAOI YAOI YAOI!” wasn’t far off from the YYH page. But I’ve found quite a few!

I wish more people would write Harry Potter -YYH crossover fics though, or the authors who have started fics would finish them. I’ve found a few enjoyable ones, but it’s rare to find a completed one.

And now I need to sleep and dream of le conditionnel et le futur et l’imparfait et passe compose. Finals….

sAvE mE from the finals!!

ed: looks like I will be working on the Naruto page too, WOW, that page is popular.

2/24 (not edits)

Hello. I’ve been away from this site for a bit. So. I haven’t actually done any editing. I am still getting used to being back in school, and as I’m currently trying to keep my grades up so I can join some honors stuff. Unfortunately seven years of not speaking French is not conducive to one’s foreign language credit so I’m struggling a little with that and am going to be focusing on that more than anything. So probably very little editing will be done this semester especially as I will be coming up on mid-terms next week and I am trying to juggle work around school too. I may do a little on spring break, but I have many other things to get done.  It just depends on how it goes, and how much priority I put on it. Also I work on this site more on my PC than my laptop since that has all my bookmarks plus a keyboard that doesn’t stick. So maybe a little editing, maybe no.

In good news! R J Ross just announced on Facebook the release of the next book in the Cape High series, Coyote’s Howl. This is the 17th book of a great series. If you haven’t read the series yet I totally recommend it.

In other news, one of my siblings just misspelled “ink pen” as “ink pin” on Facebook…..


1/4/2017 edits

Happy 1-4 day! If you use the Gregorian calendar, happy New Year!
It truly is a new year for me with a new job and a new school and new tires. So I begin once more to edit.

I haven’t actually done all that much so far these four days this year on the site. I’ve added a Merlin fanfiction page for the BBC tv show as I’ve found several I’ve quite enjoyed for all that I have only seen a few episodes of the show.

I’ve edited a bit on the Danny Phantom page. I was going to add quite a few stories but as I started to, I realized that many of the stories in my follow list…I don’t understand why I liked them.

School starts for me on the 17th. I don’t know how much I’ll get to edit after that. I’ll just have to wait and see.

On the bright side I will be continuing my studies of French which means that hopefully I’ll get fluent enough to start reading French fanfiction!


I need to work on my priorities.

Blessed Year!

11/27 edits


Just a quick bit to say I’ve started separating the fanfiction into categories. I’ve only got Anime/Manga and Comic Book fanfiction categories set up. The categories are under Fanfiction same as before with the hovering of the key, just to the side. That sentence made more sense in my head. I need to make this easier to navigate so I’ll probably add links eventually to the empty pages that I use for holding categories. [It’s late and I’ve had a bad day so please pardon the departure from proper and sensible grammar.]

I also cleaned up the Yu Yu Hakusho page, and started the Skip Beat! page.

May you not slip down five steps of stairs and then spill hot liquid on the non-injured leg.

11/24 edits

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Regardless of where you live, may this holiday charm you with the reminder that even through the darkest of times we all have something to be thankful for. [Unless of course you believe the whole “It’s only for the sake of commercialization” jazz or dislike the history behind some of it. If so, just let us poor ignorants celebrate anyway.]

So, with a few days to go and only approximately six thousand words written, I’m going to go ahead and say I failed this year’s NaNoWriMo. On the bright side, I now realize that if I discipline myself better, I can write three pages at least a day. So I have a better goal towards those unwritten plots now.

Back to the actual edits now.

I have once again added a few more fics to the Naruto page, and am working some more on fixing the oddly not alphabetical order I have it in.

It turns out that I had not fixed up the Doctor Who page since before I figured out how to stop double spacing when I didn’t want to so I’ve gone and fixed that up. I added a few more fics to it. At some point I’ll put some more up there, because I know I’ve read more than just that.

I have not yet but I am going to add a fanfiction page for Skip Beat! I only have a few fics for it right now, but I know I have more in my alerts on because as weird as it may sound: it was a shojo manga that got me into fanfiction. I state it to the world. You have it on record.

My list of fandoms is getting rather long, so I’m thinking about separating them into different subgroups. Something along the lines of Comics, Anime/Manga, Books/Movies/TV Shows, Other. This has mostly been inspired by the Comics fanfiction because I really don’t want to separate the comics because some of them are crossovers but aren’t really because it all draws from the same multiverse even if it uses several different versions of canon. That’s actually what I got on the computer to do tonight, sooo yeah.

On a rather random note, empty canned cat food cans make your garbage smell really bad; and family gatherings are much more meaningful when the rowdy children [aka spoiled BRAT!!] have already left by the time you arrive.

Also I’m thinking about joining the Marines.

Don’t get crushed at Walmart!

11/3 edits

This is how you remind me…that it isn’t actually 2017 yet. I knew I was sick of the political debates, but I did not actually realize that I had put 2017 on my NaNoWriMo page until I was at work today. Talk about wishful thinking!

So in the fanfiction folders…I emptied out the Bleach folder! I still can’t believe I managed that. Now I’ve only got three cumbersome folders: Naruto, Xovers, and Comics. I have a few other folders left, but those are much much smaller than the three listed.

In interest of making it easier to alphabetize the pages, I discovered a fascinating ability. It is actually possible to alphabetize the bookmarks folders! Isn’t that remarkable? [Although I really wish I hadn’t done that to the Xover folder, it was better ordered before I did that]

I have added quite a bit to the Various Crossovers page, and it’s starting to look semi-organized. I’m trying to figure out how chooses to put their crossover titles together. It doesn’t make any organizational sense. Okay so Harry Potter +Bleach, HP is first; but Batman + Harry Potter Batman is first, but it’s obviously not alphabetical or else Harry Potter + Danny Phantom DP would be first. I’m confused now.

I’ve added a bit more to the Naruto page, trying to get that folder shrunk down a little anyway.

NaNoWriMo. I’m not reaching my goal of 1,667 words a day. I need to have 2000 words a day a few times, I guess. If I don’t I think I will not make it. I’m already doing good this year, I must make it! Sadly though, the first few thousands are coming out really generic and cliche… It won’t be cliche once Melnos’s background comes out, I think {goes to check tv tropes}   -_- Nevermind I’m not going through that entire list to make sure my idea that I’d like to think will be unique when I get it done and finished, isn’t. Ah well, nothing new under the sun and all. I’ll just have to plan a lot of editing for December and try to get it better in the next thousands of words.

I need a few more words tonight: Cometh the battle! So night!


11/2 edits

Bonjour! In my last post, I was going for humorous when it came to NaNoWriMo. I believe it became more hysterical than humorous. Pity.

I have added more to the Detective Conan page. So much more that I finally emptied out that bookmarks folder! Next time I go to edit that page, I will be adding from my fanfiction alerts, so it is getting much closer to being almost completed.

I found a few more Rurouni Kenshin fanfics so I went ahead and added those to that page. I believe I added one or two more fics to the Danny Phantom page as well. Turned out I had a few in my ‘Other Bookmarks’ folder that I didn’t know were there.

I’m debating on whether or not to add a Merlin (tv show) page. I’ve found a few stories in that fanfiction that I like, remarkable as that is considering I’ve barely watched any of the show.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to go ahead and just start adding pretty much every manga that I follow on Batoto onto the Manga/Anime page unless it’s something that has enough fanfiction to have its own fanfiction page in my stuff. I’ll probably do that pretty slowly though, maybe one or two mangas a day.

I need to get housework done today, so alas i must leave my computer. Vaya con Dios!

10/30 addendum per 11/1

(For stuff about the fanfiction, please continue down to the “okay.”)



I completely forgot about Nanowrimo…now what? I have no desire to continue as I have done the past several years–vow to write one of my many plots, spend two days working diligently, spend third day staring at screen halfway through because I can’t figure out how to word something, spend fourth day stuck, 5-9 stuck, 10 I give up because I’m WAY past behind, and the entire last week vowing I’ll write all the words I still need, then give up again halfway through–nor do I intend to stop editing this. (Just the past 48 hours I’ve made my Naruto bookmarks longer again!) Hmmm….last year I tried psyching myself by posting the unedited and horribly unfinished work on Fictionpress–that didn’t work.
Perhaps, just perhaps…

I’ll do it!

I will complete my Nanowrimo book this year! And I shall do it by posting it on this blog!



In all its rather terrible unfinished state….

Admittedly once I complete it, I’ll remove it from the blog.

{Okay, IF I finish it}

But I’ve had little good motivation to finish it before, and I’ve been attempting and failing NaNoWriMo for over…four….years now.


NaNoWriMo from me somewhere on this blog. I can do this. I can do this.
I am totally telling my coworkers to guilt me everyday into working on my book.


But which plot do I pick? I have 56.

Okay. So onto the stuff about the fanfiction, and not me worrying about other stuff. I have edited the Bleach page a bit, and some Danny Phantom. Turns out I had pretty much abandoned that page. It was still in pieces where I hadn’t even fixed the double spacing issues.  I have started to add on stories from my alerts at so I am somewhat closer to finishing that page than most of the other ones I have been working on.

I believe I will be adding on a few more stories to the Star Wars page again, because I stumbled across a few more good ones. If you haven’t already checked out their works, definitely delve into Malicean‘s works. I’ve especially reread Welcome to the club and Vader’s Own several times now. I wish I could read the German stories.

Random note: I add stories to this blog much faster when I listen to TED talks.

I cannot say goodnight till it be morrow so Good evening, Com missioner.