A painful note

This is a somewhat painful note that after a lot of debate, I have decided to make the Harry Potter pages private for the time being.

I do not know if I will ever remove them from private.

For some time since I became aware of JK Rowling’s feelings towards transgender people, I have been conflicted about the Harry Potter pages.

Like many people I greatly enjoyed the fandom, in fact if I’m honest I actually liked the fandom more than the books [though that might have been simply because I didn’t read the books until my early 20s]; but I find myself saddened as for me the fandom has been soured by JKR’s beliefs.

I know many people who have attempted to continue to interact with HP in the fandom realm while attempting to not interact with HP in a way that would support JKR. Attempting even to reclaim it from her.

So I left the pages up, even as I knew I would likely not work on them again unless it was cleaning them up.

But more and more I see that JKR’s position in society, the position she gained due to her authorship of the Harry Potter books, is allowing her to be a successful and loudly heard opponent of transgender rights.

And as she proudly proclaims that she views any support of her work as a support of her beliefs, I have decided to close those pages, because I cannot permit myself to appear as though I am supporter of her anti-transgender beliefs.

It seems for Harry Potter, I will be closing the cover on this multiverse, for its author’s strains have become too painful for me to traverse it again.

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