Happy New Year!

So happy new year, if you use the Gregorian calendar anyway.

My computer thanks me for getting rid of the Naruto folder. I’ve dumped what I think is all the Naruto story links: turns out I had multiple links of a good many stories, some I think I put multiple times in the link dump on the Naruto page.
I’ve already seen much improvement in my browser, but I think I shall continue with the link dump since I am still adding more bookmarked stories every so many days.

I have also decided that I have so many stories on the Naruto page that once I finish the link dump and start cleaning up pages, when I turn my attention to the Naruto page once more, I shall start divvying up the stories into genres. Well, not so much genres as [I can’t remember the right word/description] subject matter such as time travel stories, reincarnation stories, gen, romance, whump, that sort of thing. For instance in Bleach fanfiction, there would be a Ichigo-is-Kaien category; or in the Harry Potter/ Katekyou Hitman Reborn! crossovers there would be a Harry-is-Skull category. In Naruto there might be a Naruto-is-a-Uchiha category. [That might be an overly complicated category considering some of the stories I’ve run across.]

But before that happens I still have a few more link dumps to occur. I have created a Katekyo Hitman Reborn page and a Sherlock Holmes page. There may be some fics interpreted as slash in the Sherlock page as I tend to interpret John Watson and Sherlock Holmes as a queerplatonic relationship and some fics that are supposed to be slash [according to the author] can also be interpreted that way and I willfully do that.

Anyway, I have no more to say, except:

May the worlds in which you tumble within
Discover new thoughts and words that sing
Of worlds within your mind to put to pen
That you may share with the world your written string.

Let your page unfurl to the world!


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