Massive Link Dump

Hello! So I recently have been suffering from computer issues. Namely, I have so memory and CPU being used up (especially when I open my computer browser) that my computer slows to the point that it becomes difficult to use it. I’ve managed to use a few temporary measures but it’s become fairly clear that the browser is using far more resources than it needs to. I have decided the simplest solution is just wiping everything from the browser (either that or switching to a different browser which is NOT happening); but if I do it in the manner I’m going to lose something very important: my bookmarks. Honestly I think the bookmarks might be a major reason my browser takes up so much space. Why is this important? Because I have decided to just dump all the bookmarked links in the appropriate places on here. They’re not going to neat or orderly, it’s just going to be a bunch of links dumped all over the pages. There’s quite a few, and that is probably the largest understatement I’ve ever made.

It’s a bit early for spring cleaning, but oh well.


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