Little Note

Hello! This is just a little note to say thanks, and also state that I should be able to get back to large editing sometime in December,probably after the 15th, since that is when my finals will be officially over. Also, I recently became interested My Hero Academia and I have started adding fanfiction from its fandom into my folders, so when I get a chance I will be starting a page with that. I’m hoping to get a chance to go over the stories that are in some of my pages of the fandoms I have been familiar with longer , such as Danny Phantom, as I’ve noticed that some of them have stories with quality that is less than desirable. When I’m really enjoying(i.e. stuck in/obsessed with) a  fandom I tend to overlook quality in favor of plot, so I need to be a bit more critical of those.

Also, I had a really interesting chance this semester to study fanfiction from a critical standpoint, it was fascinating, and I’m hoping to incorporate some of what I’ve learned into blog posts at some point, as well as into my “Opinions” on the pages.


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