Fall ’17 Announcements

Huh, that title sounds horribly pretentious.Ah well, I’ve always thought I sound horribly pretentious anyway. But I’m merely “announcing” that I probably won’t be able to edit much this fall. I’m going to be taking a full semester and I’m hoping to get involved with a couple groups as well. Not only that but I’m planning on being ambitious enough to attempt to make my GPA raise a bit higher than it currently is. So I have to figure out when I’m doing what before  I figure out when I want to edit. I definitely will still attempt to do so, I just won’t have as much time: 4 English classes, doncha’ know.

In other news RJ Ross has released another book: Cape High Villainy: A Side Story (Cape High Series) which was quite enjoyable as it showed more of the adult side of the storyverse. Well, and Skystep.

I honestly think that’s all.

True Blue!!

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