11/24 edits

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Regardless of where you live, may this holiday charm you with the reminder that even through the darkest of times we all have something to be thankful for. [Unless of course you believe the whole “It’s only for the sake of commercialization” jazz or dislike the history behind some of it. If so, just let us poor ignorants celebrate anyway.]

So, with a few days to go and only approximately six thousand words written, I’m going to go ahead and say I failed this year’s NaNoWriMo. On the bright side, I now realize that if I discipline myself better, I can write three pages at least a day. So I have a better goal towards those unwritten plots now.

Back to the actual edits now.

I have once again added a few more fics to the Naruto page, and am working some more on fixing the oddly not alphabetical order I have it in.

It turns out that I had not fixed up the Doctor Who page since before I figured out how to stop double spacing when I didn’t want to so I’ve gone and fixed that up. I added a few more fics to it. At some point I’ll put some more up there, because I know I’ve read more than just that.

I have not yet but I am going to add a fanfiction page for Skip Beat! I only have a few fics for it right now, but I know I have more in my alerts on ff.net because as weird as it may sound: it was a shojo manga that got me into fanfiction. I state it to the world. You have it on record.

My list of fandoms is getting rather long, so I’m thinking about separating them into different subgroups. Something along the lines of Comics, Anime/Manga, Books/Movies/TV Shows, Other. This has mostly been inspired by the Comics fanfiction because I really don’t want to separate the comics because some of them are crossovers but aren’t really because it all draws from the same multiverse even if it uses several different versions of canon. That’s actually what I got on the computer to do tonight, sooo yeah.

On a rather random note, empty canned cat food cans make your garbage smell really bad; and family gatherings are much more meaningful when the rowdy children [aka spoiled BRAT!!] have already left by the time you arrive.

Also I’m thinking about joining the Marines.

Don’t get crushed at Walmart!

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