11/3 edits

This is how you remind me…that it isn’t actually 2017 yet. I knew I was sick of the political debates, but I did not actually realize that I had put 2017 on my NaNoWriMo page until I was at work today. Talk about wishful thinking!

So in the fanfiction folders…I emptied out the Bleach folder! I still can’t believe I managed that. Now I’ve only got three cumbersome folders: Naruto, Xovers, and Comics. I have a few other folders left, but those are much much smaller than the three listed.

In interest of making it easier to alphabetize the pages, I discovered a fascinating ability. It is actually possible to alphabetize the bookmarks folders! Isn’t that remarkable? [Although I really wish I hadn’t done that to the Xover folder, it was better ordered before I did that]

I have added quite a bit to the Various Crossovers page, and it’s starting to look semi-organized. I’m trying to figure out how ff.net chooses to put their crossover titles together. It doesn’t make any organizational sense. Okay so Harry Potter +Bleach, HP is first; but Batman + Harry Potter Batman is first, but it’s obviously not alphabetical or else Harry Potter + Danny Phantom DP would be first. I’m confused now.

I’ve added a bit more to the Naruto page, trying to get that folder shrunk down a little anyway.

NaNoWriMo. I’m not reaching my goal of 1,667 words a day. I need to have 2000 words a day a few times, I guess. If I don’t I think I will not make it. I’m already doing good this year, I must make it! Sadly though, the first few thousands are coming out really generic and cliche… It won’t be cliche once Melnos’s background comes out, I think {goes to check tv tropes}   -_- Nevermind I’m not going through that entire list to make sure my idea that I’d like to think will be unique when I get it done and finished, isn’t. Ah well, nothing new under the sun and all. I’ll just have to plan a lot of editing for December and try to get it better in the next thousands of words.

I need a few more words tonight: Cometh the battle! So night!


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