10/30 addendum per 11/1

(For stuff about the fanfiction, please continue down to the “okay.”)



I completely forgot about Nanowrimo…now what? I have no desire to continue as I have done the past several years–vow to write one of my many plots, spend two days working diligently, spend third day staring at screen halfway through because I can’t figure out how to word something, spend fourth day stuck, 5-9 stuck, 10 I give up because I’m WAY past behind, and the entire last week vowing I’ll write all the words I still need, then give up again halfway through–nor do I intend to stop editing this. (Just the past 48 hours I’ve made my Naruto bookmarks longer again!) Hmmm….last year I tried psyching myself by posting the unedited and horribly unfinished work on Fictionpress–that didn’t work.
Perhaps, just perhaps…

I’ll do it!

I will complete my Nanowrimo book this year! And I shall do it by posting it on this blog!



In all its rather terrible unfinished state….

Admittedly once I complete it, I’ll remove it from the blog.

{Okay, IF I finish it}

But I’ve had little good motivation to finish it before, and I’ve been attempting and failing NaNoWriMo for over…four….years now.


NaNoWriMo from me somewhere on this blog. I can do this. I can do this.
I am totally telling my coworkers to guilt me everyday into working on my book.


But which plot do I pick? I have 56.

Okay. So onto the stuff about the fanfiction, and not me worrying about other stuff. I have edited the Bleach page a bit, and some Danny Phantom. Turns out I had pretty much abandoned that page. It was still in pieces where I hadn’t even fixed the double spacing issues.  I have started to add on stories from my alerts at ff.net so I am somewhat closer to finishing that page than most of the other ones I have been working on.

I believe I will be adding on a few more stories to the Star Wars page again, because I stumbled across a few more good ones. If you haven’t already checked out their works, definitely delve into Malicean‘s works. I’ve especially reread Welcome to the club and Vader’s Own several times now. I wish I could read the German stories.

Random note: I add stories to this blog much faster when I listen to TED talks.

I cannot say goodnight till it be morrow so Good evening, Com missioner.

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