10/22 edits

I’m aliiiiiivvvee!
That doesn’t work nearly as well in print as it does in sound or imagery. Anywhos I’m back to editing once more. I plan to work on the Detective Conan page quite a bit, since there’s this one fic I want to reread and I can’t find it. [If you know it, it’s one where Kid knows the truth about Shinichi and when Conan cutely tells adults that he’ll marry Ran when he grows up, Kid gets sick when all the adults are going ‘awww!’ and tells them, “But he really means it!” or something to that effect. If you know it, please tell me what it is, cause I can’t find it]

Also I have decided to add a page dedicated to online sites that I find engaging aka the places I spend hours on when I could being doing other stuff like working on this blog, cleaning my room, getting prepared for the stupid!ness that is arriving in January, cleaning Monstrosity’s room, learning the various goals I’ve made…basically enjoyable time wasters anyway.

I’ll also keep adding to the other pages as well… Someday I might [emphasis on might there] add a page with recommended videos and amv’s from youtube and stuff. Although if I do that I might should do tv series and movies and stuff……[Mental note: Espresso makes me ambitious instead of alert]

When stuff has their own TV Tropes page, if I’ve come across it, I’ll put up a link to that page, too.

0_0 Espresso really does make me ambitious, or maybe I’m just frustrated because it takes the school way to long to look over my transcripts.

I’m gonna go edit now….


[PS Ya know I’ve said more than once I’m doing this for myself as much as anything but y’all are totally free to comment on stuff…]

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